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  1. To reduce the demand on the server, I am restricting forum access to registered users. This likely doesn't mean much to those reading this (since to read it, you have to be registered). But there are 100s of "guests" trying to access Billikens.com right now.
  2. This weekend I will be trying to upgrade the forum. There will likely be bugs at first. So far, I actually already tried to upgrade. Didn't work due to a server issue, so I uploaded a backup set of files. Hopefully I can have everything running smoothly by Monday so people can sufficiently avoid work.
  3. Probably still broken..Test by Steve...
  4. I think it is sort of working, in which you post a reply - but your screen freezes. Your post posts - but the message board does not update the post count. There are a couple of corrupt tables in the database. I have a support request in with the message board software for help..
  5. If people are experiencing problems, please email me at [email protected]
  6. What, you don't want to read about Floyd Irons. Links updated (well, removed).
  7. Updated the thread title for some clarity.
  8. Also apologies for shutting down the board for a couple of hours during the upgrade. Steve
  9. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I did some clean up with the forum, and I hope it fixes the problems. Please let me know if you continue to experience any problems. Note, I will be traveling this Thursday - Sunday. I will have internet access, but Billikens.com may not be a focus.
  10. This message board is just so fancy!
  11. If you click the little orange/white square to the left of the post title, it will take you to your last unread post. This feature is immensely handy in our post-threaded era.
  12. There will likely be a version of the "threaded" view, but it will not be like the past versions of the board going back to Billikenboard. The flat (or view all) view will become likely become the default. Unless someone can find some good threaded software out there, I think we just have to bite the bullet and upgrade to get those sorts of new features.
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