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  1. You have a fundamental failure to understand a simple lighthearted, innocuous comment, as evidenced by your 100% response of the absurd. Lighten up and stand down.
  2. And what is your basis for such a claim? Do you have sources in The Vatican? The Pope is a Jesuit. SLU and Fordham are both Jesuit schools. Fordham is ranked #89 overall in the US News & World Report College Rankings. SLU is #105. Of course, “expert” elements on this board for years have demanded Fordham’s expulsion from the A10. Do these elements also have Vatican sources?
  3. Over at The Vatican, Pope Francis must be smiling. The 3 Catholic schools, Fordham, La Salle, and SLU all won in today’s A10 Tourney Opening Round
  4. Fordham vs. Davidson was full energy. But it helped having 2,000-3,000 excited public school kids, from ~29 middle schools, in the stands screaming and waiving red pom poms.
  5. Says who? I’m confident NYC easily wins that vote, even with all its issues. Let’s put it this way- Manhattan is filled with people on the sidewalks, bustling with energy, as opposed to an abandoned ghost town.
  6. Fordham WINS️ That’s for all the “experts” on this board that have demanded the expulsion from the A10 of The Jesuit University of New York, the University that hails from the World’s Greatest City, the Media Capital of the World, and the Nation’s #1 TV market.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YeUEkOQ-XU8 But first, the opening act at 11:30 a.m. Eastern. Go Fordham Rams, until SLU plays them in the A10 Tourney Championship Game on Sunday.
  8. How about those Los Angeles Rams? I'm sure this clip is just what St. Louis Rams fans wanted to see this morning. Good job.
  9. No one that claims to be a SLU fan should ever, and that means literally ever, root against the Billikens. Period.
  10. The WCC should have two good semifinals Monday night in Las Vegas: #4 Seed Santa Clara vs. #1 Seed 23rd ranked St. Mary's; #3 Seed USF(CA) vs. #2 Seed 19th ranked Gonzaga. NET's: Gonzaga 16, St. Mary's 17, USF(CA) 63, Santa Clara 104. Re the NET, SLU's big, unexpected Win at St. Bonaventure improved SLU's NET by 21 spots to 196. The Bonnies fell 8 spots in the NET to 82, which puts Bona squarely on the NIT bubble.
  11. Indiana State's NET is 26, which should be IN irrespective of today's result. Plus, Indiana State is the Regular Season MVC Champ. Except there is precedence for snubs of mid-majors - Missouri State and St. Bonaventure. And one of the talking heads on CBS Sports Network yesterday dubbed the Valley as a "one bid league." As for Drake, the Bulldogs had best win today. Drake's NET is 47, which puts Drake squarely on the bubble for an at large if it doesn't snare the Valley's Auto Bid. The bubble is not a good place for a mid-major to be in this new Power 5(6) dominated era.
  12. ISU-Blue, Schertz and Avila vs. Drake and DeVries x2 for the MVC's NCAA Auto Bid.
  13. 14 Seed SLU plays Tuesday at 4:30 pm Eastern vs. 11 Seed Rhode Island. SLU beat URI 94-91 a week ago Sat. in Kingston, RI.
  14. It's great to be the amoeba Bonnies. Their fans love Travis so much.
  15. This loss has to put a huge dent on Bona’s NIT hopes. Good!
  16. It was a really good Win, a long way from home in a tough venue with the audibly booing home Bona fans and those floor to ceiling high school level walls at both ends. Travis coached a very good game vs. Schmidt.
  17. Good Win. Best defense and rebounding in a long time.
  18. Down go the abominable snowmen. Down go the amoeba Bonnies. Billikens Win!
  19. Ball goes into paint, whistle blows. Pavlov’s dog.
  20. I just said don’t foul a 3 point shooter. Ezewiro did. 5 FT’s?
  21. Obvious goal tending. Why a review? Gives Bona a timeout.
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