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  1. I probably logged in the wrong place but by seats are in Sect 105, Row P, Seats 9 & 10...Thank you big al
  2. I thought the practice facility was great... It had a very high ceiling...Also the dressing rooms were fantastic with the individual stalls with a lock box for valuables...I was not impresed with the sound system unless it was my very old ears...The outside of the building and the surrounding grounds are beautiful...I never thought I would see such a facility on the SLU campus.
  3. Letting scholorship player go after low performance has been a hot topic...Many academic scholorships are pulled if the student does not reach a specified grade point average...I would like to hear the reasons why these should be treated in a different light.
  4. I agree with Yankee...I have been a Bill's fan since the 1950s...We have not had a coach with his resume so get off his case...Young people need to have discipline and follow the rules and regulations...Some seem to think rules are always for others and do not apply to them...Let the coach decide how to get them to follow the rules...That is part of his million dollar salary/job description...I'll get off my soap box not...Go Bills.
  5. I have followed the Bills since the late 40's and I cannot recall them ever getting 5 recruits to sign on the first day...This has to be a milestone unless someone has better info...And the quality of the signees also needs to be appreciated.
  6. What is the best option Dish or Direct TV?...I already have Dish but not with HD...Does Direct have more incentives?
  7. I think it would be helpful if everyone used the player's last name instead of just the initials...This is especially true for new board members and for new players at the beginning of the year...Thank you.
  8. My impression was formed while watching a smaller Borgia team beat Nashville by 17 points...I did not see O'Rear dominate the way I thought he would...Also, my cousin (A Mater Dei fan)has seen him play many times and he is of the same opinion...We feel he may be a good Div 2 player...Just an opinion.
  9. I have seen Adam Kiel and Kevin O'Rear...I do not see them as D-1 impact players...Kiel needs to improve his scoring ability and quickness...His best shot at D-1 may be in football as he played for St Dom's conferenace champs...O'Rear can score down low when he is bigger and stronger than the defensive player...He needs to improve on other ways to score and on his quickness.
  10. I was really disappointed in the talent level of the shootout...It is nothing like it was 15 years ago...Also, all some of the teams do is throw up threes with no teamwork...Also, I watched O'Rear and all I saw was a kid who when he received the ball down low powered up and scored because he is very strong and bigger than most...When he has to compete against others his size I have to wonder about his potential...He showed very little from 8 feet and out...Also the prices at the concession stands are out of line...How can H.S. kids afford these prices...Lastly, we had to wait 50 minutes in the
  11. He didn't get the ball much...I thought the guards missed him sometimes...However I too was not impressed with his overall play
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