Month: April 2017 on new server is on a new upgraded server.  This will likely mean little to users, but will make Steve’s life hopefully a little easier.  I am going to avoid doing some software upgrades to the main site and the message board

Moving servers! is moving servers this morning.  Hopefully the Message Board downtime is minimal.  Apologies for the inconvenience.

Gilliman voluntarily leaves and Santos Commits

Big news day.  Gillman has voluntarily left the men’s basketball team to focus on academics.  Gillman will remain at SLU.  Jon Rothstein also reports via twitter that South Florida Luis Santos will transfer to SLU.  Santos will have two years

Happy Birthday Earl!

Happy Birthday to my favorite radio announcer! may be down this weekend

To “upgrade” server software, may be down for a bit this weekend.  I need to move the site to a new server (same specifications on the server – just need new software).  This involves doing a type of transfer

See Evans and McCall in TBT

The Majerus SLU Crew is teaming up again to play in “The Tournament.”  So far Dwayne Evans, Mike McCall, Danny Brown, Cory Remekun, and Mike Crawford are signed up for the team.  They need your votes to get in the