Billikens.com is a site run by the fans for the fans of Saint Louis University Men’s Basketball. It is owned by SignGuy’s Sites, LLC whose primary agent is Steve Rogers. The site is run as a hobby, and the funding for Billikens.com is entirely donation based (and those donations are greatly appreciated!)

Steve has run Billikens.com for over a decade. The first version of the site was a basic AOL page that was created in 1995. It moved to the Billikens.com domain in 1997. In 2007, it became a property of SignGuy’s Sites, LLC.

Billikens.com merged with Billikenboard.com in 1999. Billikenboard.com was run by David Narkiewicz. David was the founder of the online Billiken fan presence. The Billikens.com community is deeply indebted to his work. David ran a message board for many years on another AOL site and moved to Rivals.com also in 1997. When Rivals.com experienced financial troubles, the message board was moved to Billikens.com. Since then Billikens.com has been the primary spot online for Saint Louis University Men’s Basketball news and talk.

As for a little ‘bit about Steve, if you went to Billiken games from about 1996 – 2003 you may remember that kid who waves signs at most of the games. That’s me, SluSignGuy. I have been at less games since I went off to college at The George Washington University (yes, I am a Colonial). I later earned my PhD in Political Science, and now in the small world of things, I teach at SLU.

For some more legal statements, Billikens.com is not related and/or connected to Saint Louis University. It is an unofficial information source about their Men’s Basketball team. Rumors and other speculation are prominent on the site, so don’t necessarily believe everything you read. Additionally, message board posts do not necessarily reflect the opinions of SignGuy’s Sites LLC. Billikens.com has received permission to use the Billiken Logo. If you wish to use the logo, please contact Saint Louis University for permission.

If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected]. I am more than happy to hear your comments, complaints, and concerns.