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    Billikens Basketball, Great American Films, US Soccer, not compromising, logical education reform, and stronger leadership for St. Louis

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    H Waldman
  1. HC

    Crews was the appropriate person for the moment. All respect for the role he played. If I ever see the man, I will tell him so. He is a class act. However, the program I want, as many of us do, requires something different. I want someone who has decided that he will win several national championships, wherever he is, and is just figuring out where that will be.
  2. TIMES????

    I took off mentally about a year ago...in terms of vacation days...about three months ago. See ya'll at the pub.
  3. Spike Lee

    Larry Bird and Spike Lee are equally Sh*+#y people. Has nothing to do with race just lack of class. Spike can make some movies and clearly Bird could ball. Still, they both suck as human beings.
  4. I might have to go to chicago during the ncaas. Anybody know where i can watch our Billikens while there that is family friendly..or at least will let kids in.
  5. Coach Majerus and this years team

    I'm out of touch a bit. When will we know if they (KM/WR) are playing this season or not? Or do we already? Well...obviously I don't
  6. When is day this supposed to be?