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  1. It almost seems like the ghost of Rick coached this team all season through the New Mexico State game and then yesterday Majerus decided to leave them and go out for an Adriana's sandwich! It was just was not the same team we know and love. Did we we finally see Crews coach on his own? SO BUMMED!
  2. I know I will be coming down with an illness on Thursday if it is during the day I just did not know the exact time to plan it!
  3. Does anyone know when the game times are published?
  4. Per Bernie Miklasz.... Bernie Miklasz ‏@miklasz SLU's 1st opponent, New Mexico State, tallest team in nation; have kids that are 7-5, 6-10, 6-10, 6-8, 6-7. Yes, a 7'5 kid.
  5. Has anyone heard of any celebration planned for the public to attend? We have to keep the good vibes coming. Could the school/athletic dept. hold a celebration on campus somewhere with the players, Rick, etc so that we could all acknowledge them? Maybe some evening? Introduce all the players and coaches and let them be acknowledged. If not, before you know it they will be going there separate ways for the summer.
  6. Or maybe some celebration on campus soon?
  7. When will we know the time of the game Sunday?
  8. Any suggestions for the best bar to watch the game Friday? We have a group calling it early from work on Friday to watch the game? Any suggestions on a great Billiken friendly location to see the game would be great! Thanks
  9. I will be in the attending a charity Auction during the Dayton game. Does anyone know of any way to receive game updates on your Blackberry other than browsing to this message board maybe? Does this site offer a running update on the game available on Twitter or some other automatic feed? I am a little green to this technology and how best to do it and I am dying to know how things are going as the game progresses. Thanks!
  10. "It depends on the the student walk up today". That was the AD this morning on 590AM Radio after being asked if it will be a sell out. He said "We are darn near there." Also great article in the PD this morning about the building, the the crowd noises and in particular the student section. Would love to tear the roof off tonight!
  11. Will we sell out any of these next 3 home games??? Any idea on number of tickets remaining...or hopefully LACK OF TICKETS...for the Xavier game? Would love a sell out.
  12. Saw you many times on the TV version of the game. VERY EFFECTIVE!
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