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  1. Andre Miller retires and finishes where Rick Ma left off at SLU.
  2. People keep referring to a "splash" hire, but all the names being thrown around are repeatedly discussed in the PD. Jaw drop hires would be Bo Ryan, John Stockton, or Grant Hill. (all near impossible and hence "splash" hires)
  3. I'd rather see us make a push in a few years for the AAC if the Big East isn't letting us in.
  4. What is high on the salary scale? Who are we talking about in the $2 million+ range?
  5. How you graduated from SLU I'll never know ...Oh wait, 8 years later and a communications degree.
  6. The 3 phases of truth: First, you are ridiculed Second, people begin to accept Third, people say that's the way it always should have been
  7. What is the marketing value in the media exposure, etcetera of a top 60 football program? 4% of college bound high school grads have heard of St. Louis U 38% of those believe it is the same as UMSL A football program would do way more in a week than 4 billboards on a farm in Illinois along I-55 could do in 50 years. If we could make a better team than BC we would have the best Jesuit football program in the country and Mizzou would basically be irrelevant.
  8. Nearly everyone in St. Louis is a Mizzou fan because who else would they cheer for. I think first priority is make the basketball program good enough to make Chaifetz a near sellout every game. Then slowly develop a football program. This isn't a 2016 goal. This is a 20+ year slow development. And hopefully we are out of the A-10 sooner than that.
  9. St. Louis needs serious consideration of an MLS team and/or SLU to start to develop a football program. If SLU were to develop a football program, the AAC would be a nice fit eventually. List of Major Metropolitan cities without an NFL team and the nearest football stadium and/or MLS stadium with average attendance/capacity St Louis, Missouri 2,913,673 -- Mizzou (65,000 avg / 71,000 capacity - 125 miles) Sacramento, California 2,600,000 -- UC Davis (6,000 avg 10,700 - 16 miles); Oakland Raiders 63,000 (87 miles) Portland, Oregon 2,314,554 -- MLS (Portland Timbers) (22,000); University of Oregon (57,000 avg 59,000 - 111 miles); Oregon St. (48,000 avg / 46,00 capacity - 83 miles) San Antonio, Texas 2,277,550 -- Alamodome (UTSA) 28,000 avg / 65,000 capacity ; University of Texas (94,000 avg / 100,000 - 80 miles) Orlando, Florida 2,267,846 -- UCF (38,000 avg / 45,000 capacity) MLS (Citrus Bowl - 61,000) Las Vegas, Nevada 2,000,759 -- UNLV (16,000 avg / 35,000 capacity) San Jose, California 1,975,342 -- 8 miles from Levi's Stadium (SF 49ers) Columbus, Ohio 1,944,002 -- Ohio St. (106,000 avg) Providence, Rhode Island 1,630,956 -- URI 5,300 avg 5,200 capacity Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1,569,659 -- Green Bay (80,000 - 118 miles) UW-Madison (79,000 - 80 miles) PS: I hope 05's blood pressure is now up 40 points
  10. When the Rams leave St. Louis... Will this mean anything for SLU?
  11. Who is Aaron Hines, JUCO transfer?