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  1. I'm tired of BRoy

    Roy Don't you just hate starting over!!!! Way to go RM. Thanks for bringing back local bragging righs to SLU.
  2. Majerus Criticism -- My Thoughts

    Roy where is your last years mantra of patience? Your were willing to wait 5+ years to get to the NCAA’s but now you can’t seem to wait more than 6 games for results. Give it time Roy. Remember we all hate starting over!!!!
  3. How the mighty have fallen

    That is a great point. Remember when he was at SIU he had Painter and Lowry as assistants recruiting for him. Both have gone onto to build above average programs and have continued to put great recruiting classes together. I agree Moser would have helped Weber big time.
  4. Lisch, vastly underrated

    TL had nine turnovers against Missouri State. TL also led the team in turnoves. Roy has limited knowledge about many things realated to basketball but he is on the mark regarding TL playing the point. TL does not have the handles or the decision making skills for a PG. Doesn't mean he is not a great player but PG have to careful with the ball and make good decisions.
  5. First hand meeting with Roth

    "i think sheltie's point of comparing the likes of tatum and ahearn was a good one. i truly dont want ahearn's but if we are talking strictly on court basketball players (off court is a another issue) i'd take the likes of tatum any day over an ahearn." Of course you would but you also wanted Darren Clarke over Ahern. I just hate starting over....don't you Roy!
  6. What if................

    BROY, Why so touchy? I know you don't like starting over but geez.... My response was not directed at you rather at the "what if" question being asked. I just happened to take the easiet way to respond and replied under your last reply. I will be careful next time.
  7. What if................

    Interesting that some who were willing to give BS a six year of treading water now want to ask the "what if" questions as it relates to the results after the first 45 days. RM has accomplished more in 45 days then the former staff did in 5+ years. First, the unofficial visit you refer to would never have happened under the old regime. Secondly, RM must be measured by his results not the "what if" questions. Third, I am not sure how anyone can question RM based upon his past history. BS never had the benifit of pointing to past history results for comfort but RM's history is above reproach. Sit back and enjoy the ride!
  8. I have said it before but I will say it again.You can never have enough shooters. Whether he plays in games or not he will be of value in practice for scout teams.
  9. Brett Thompson Verbally Commits

    I guess my statement last week suggesting, if RM wants Suggs as a Billiken he will be a Billiken holds a little more weight today. It is all about recruiting and RM is as good as anyone. His message will be attractive to Top 100 talent as well as players who believe RM can develope them as a player into Top 100 type talent.
  10. Pressbox on Bills yesterday (5/10)

    RM will do the things that all good recruiters do and the Eagles meeting is just one example. It would also not surprise me if he meets with the SWIC coaches and begins to mend the fences there as well. This is what Big Time recruiters do. These types of calculated moves is why I am confident RM will be way more successful than most of you can imagine.
  11. Suggs narrows list to seven

    Far be it for me to defend Roy but I made the initial comment. I merely suggested that if Suggs was so fond of BS that his firing has turned him off on SLU then he should have rewarded BS with a committment when he was the head coach. Did Suggs like the Head Coach or did he like the school? If it was the Head coach he had the perfect opportunity to seal his fate but declined. If it is the school we should be still in the running. Which I think we are. My second point on RM was he will operate in Plan A's and Plan 1A's not Plan C's and D's. He will not get everyone he recruits but he won't miss on many. And if he does miss on his Plan A his Plan 1A will be close in ability to his original Plan A.
  12. Suggs narrows list to seven

    My comment was based on the confidence I have in Rick's recruiting ability. I am convinced that if he misses on Suggs he will replace him with one of equal talent. This is something BS never could do. If BS missed out on his Plan A he immediately dropped to his Plan D.
  13. Suggs narrows list to seven

    If Suggs is so mad because of BS's firing why didn't he commit when he had a chance. Maybe his committment would have saved his job. This is where RM as HC will pay-off big time. Simply put, if RM wants Suggs then he will be a Billiken. If not he will replace him with a player of equal or better talent.
  14. Brett Thompson info

    Give it a rest Roy. If SLU get's any of the 2008 class it will not be because of any foundation laid by BS or AT. The success or failures in the 2008 class will be soley RM's.
  15. Mission accomplished?

    Roy I really wasn't expecting you to admit you had a any clue what you were talking about. I read everyday and long enough to know you continue to take unwarranted swipes at Nate. I just got tired of the head in the sand mentality from some of the non-believers suggesting SLU couldn't do any better. You were pretty clear in your position that SLU couldn't do any better. Now just sit back and enjoy the ride there is a lot of room on this Bandwagon!