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  1. OT: Alex Bazzell signed with UMKC

    Hey STLHI..... any idea where Bryce Foster is going? Thanks!
  2. Lonnie Boga

    There was a Lonnie Boga who played for Jefferson CC in Hillsboro back in the late 80's. I'm going out on a limb and saying there might be some relation....

    Danny Foster is their dad. I believe he's a logger these days. He went to high school at Ellington. Danny was a most unlikely looking baller, but man could he shoot!

    Chris Foster was about 6' and yes he had amazing hops. He had some health issues while at UNI and that sort of derailed him a bit. His brother Brian, was about 6'4 1/2" and an all-american(post player) at Three Rivers CC. He had a fine 2 years at UT-Martin as well. Their father, Danny was also an all-american at Three Rivers and was the best shooter I've ever seen....period..... the guy was amazing....
  5. Kenny George

    Of course he did. However, VTime's had it in for Tyler for a while now.... That's okay, it's likely that TH is simultaneously the most popular and most unpopular player from MO in a good while, if internet message boards are any indication....
  6. Kenny George

    Still, hatin' on Tyler, huh VTime? Some things never change.....
  7. Mantas Griskenas signs with Wichita St

    To say that Mantas had a few "off" nights is putting it mildly. I think the guy is a real enigma. Sometimes he would just disappear for long periods of time. If a scout saw him on one of these nights, he would certainly not have impressed. On the other hand, one can't help but be impressed by what he CAN do.... Mantas seems more at home on the perimeter, but he can still go get a lot of rebounds with his quickness and timing. I think he is a classic small forward in a day and age where it's much more common to play 3 guards...
  8. Kyle Kirk leaves Missouri State

    Lemme guess.... If I'm right, it only narrows it down to two, doesn't it? ;-)
  9. Ricky Claitt

    Claitt is a better D1 prospect than Hassell.
  10. Willie Hassell

    He's not lost in the shuffle. I think most D1 programs are afraid to take a chance on a 5'9"-5-10" shooting guard. Willie is definitely a 2-guard, offensively. He's probably better suited to guard the point though. He's strong and explosive, so I think he could still get a lot done at the next level in spite of his stature, but that could really vary from game to game depending on matchups.
  11. The latest on Griskenas

    I would definitely not consider Mantas a "big". He is firmly a small forward in my book. He does get a lot of rebounds (when he decides to) because of anticipation and quickness... Mantas has good ball skills and a nice stroke from the outside. He can tend to get VERY passive at times, choosing to simply roam around the perimter, not looking to get involved. He's a bit of an enigma, because he can certainly get a LOT done when he puts his mind to it...
  12. Ban Volfan

    . .... Medieval Judge!

    Nope. They lost to Tallahassee CC.
  14. JUCO PF's

    From what I heard after Mullen's Tulsa event, SLU is pretty interested in Ajasin. Yomi is still pretty raw, but has improved markedly since his freshman season. He is a really emotional fellow, and that sometimes hinders him. He can sometimes disappear for long stretches, but I think he is becoming more consistent. He is an excellent student. Three Rivers has a couple of other PF's. Both are more slender than Ajasin. Jermaine Dailey is a very explosive leaper, but he is more offensively raw than Ajasin. Durrell Nevels is an excellent shot blocker, and while he is more polished than the other two, his productivity is down greatly from last season. I assume he is still feeling the effects of a knee injury that cut short his freshman season... There is a 6'8" soph at Moberly named BJ Benning. He is putting up some good numbers this season after seeing limited minutes last year.
  15. If your looking for a good laugh...

    ... that Parker was as highly regarded, if not more so, until their senior years in HS... Is this not the case?