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  1. Vouyoukas

    Nark - Thanks for laying out your criteria. What objective measures will you use for each of the three? Also, are you saying UB should be gone if he fails (based on your objective measures) to reach any one of your three criteria? Thanks.
  2. OT....ok now let's

    Ian with 4 doesn't help
  3. Official Gameday Thread!

    No, you certainly can't BradFan.
  4. Just listened to Coach

    Just pointing out the facts, Drew. Glad to see you now write you were wrong with your "Fire Soderberg" post. That takes guts and I give you credit for admitting it. As far as accusing me and others of being the Board Police...hey, you can post whatever you want to, so long as Steve and the other administrators allow it. But given this flip-flop, don't be surprised when some of us are left wondering which one of your other fine ideas you'll be backing away from next.
  5. Just listened to Coach

    The difference is Nark, Footes and others didn't start a string calling for Brad to be immediately fired. You did. Stop whining. I'm tired of seeing you start many of your posts with the "I know I'll be accused of being disloyal, but...." garbage. I didn't question your loyalty. I only pointed out your severe flip-flopping. Based on that, I questioned your credibility.
  6. Just listened to Coach

    On Feb 13, 2006 SLUDrew writes: "No matter how good your man-to-man D is, and ours is one of the best I have ever seen...." -AND- "Like myself, and think everyone is pleased with the overall job coach has done since he has been here..." But, on Jan 18, 2006 SLUDrew wrote: "Soderberg should be fired immediately unless Tommie mouthed off" Go ahead and keep on ripping Brad for not trapping more or for the team not being able to score in the half-court or for whatever else you see as the Billiken's deficiencies. But understand that, with the kind of flip-flopping you've demonstrated within less than a month's time, you have little credibility. I, for one, will leave the game-day basketball strategies up to Brad. Had we listened to you a few weeks ago, the coach who you now seem to support would have already been gone.
  7. 590 Show

    UB never said the questions were boring. The whole topic began when Rammer asked Brad what he does on game day. Brad started his reply by saying that (paraphrasing) "one thing I can do is sleep....anytime and anywhere." Then, just to emphasize that point, UB jokingly told Ramsey something to the effect that, (again a paraphrase) "If the questions you ask me are too boring, I might just fall asleep right here." Ramsey seemed to take it as a good-hearted jab, and responded by saying that the questions he was asking were on behalf of the Blue Crew. UB then went on to finish his answer by saying that on a home game day, it's not unusual for him to take a 2 or 2.5 hour nap, because when he's sleeping he's not stewing over the upcoming game.
  8. I Suppose Coach Soderberg...

    Davidnark...For the first time in several days you posted something that I agree with. That is...YOU ARE NIT-PICKING. Lighten up and enjoy the win.
  9. ...unless you want the foundation of this program to continue being built the RIGHT WAY. No Scandals. Solid recruiting. Great defense. A super A-10 road win tonight for a young, young Billikens team. Enjoy it. And continue to support them even when things don't go as perfectly as we'd all like!
  10. Burwell's Take

    Nice article by Bryan Burwell in the P-D: http://www.stltoday.com/stltoday/sports/co...C0?OpenDocument Not only did the top local talent attend, but apparently UB met with many of them and their parents after the game.
  11. Anyone else lose audio?

    My streaming is gone. Anyone got a score?
  12. radio tonight

    According to this e-mail from KFNS, no streaming on their website of the SLU game tonight, or any other night. That sucks for us out-of-towners. Go Bills! -----Original Message----- From: Rob Weingarten [mailto:RWeingarten@KFNS.com] Sent: Wednesday, November 09, 2005 2:22 PM To: Subject: RE: SLU Basketball John: We are not allowed to stream SLU basketball. They have a pre-existing deal with a company that charges for streaming. You can access that on the SLU website. Rob Rob Weingarten Program Director 590 The FAN KFNS 1190 The Zone KRFT 8045 Big Bend Blvd St Louis, MO 63119
  13. Despite its long (one week) and hallowed tradition, Marquette is now looking for a new nickname. "Gold" is gone. http://www.jsonline.com/sports/marq/may05/325271.asp