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  1. UD game is bigger

    Exactly. We only gave up an off. rebound on 25% of Butler's possessions last night. If we had that percentage up for the entire season, we'd be the 3rd best defensive rebounding team in the country. For the season, we give up off. rebounds on 27% of our opponents' possessions, which puts us at 26th in the nation--still quite good. Defensive rebounding is not a weakness. It's actually a pretty big strength.
  2. GDT: Savannah frowns

    The offense might not have been pretty at times, but the excellent 3 pt and FT shooting made up for it. We actually scored 1.05 points per possesion, which is slightly better than our season average. This coming against the 27th ranked defense in the country according to kenpom, so certainly nothing to be ashamed of. The real problem seemed to be the rebounding and defensive intensity. Too many easy baskets and o-rebound putbacks. We came out in the 2nd half expecting to coast to an easy win, and apparently the tigers thought otherwise. This seems like the sort of thing that fixable, so I'm still plenty optimistic for the conference season.
  3. Rebounding During Free Throws

    I couldn't find FT O-rebounding percentages for college, but in the NBA, about 13% of FT result in an O-Reb. As Skip points out, that's probably a little generous still since we're not a good offensive rebounding team to begin with. Using that conservative 13% number, we've conceded 5.3 points over 13 games so far by not attempting to rebound (.13 * 39 live rebounds * 1.05 pts per poss.). Another factor Timmerman doesn't include is the chance for committing a foul while trying to rebound. I don't have the numbers to quantify that, but I think it's reasonable to conclude that the value of having the D set up and not having a chance to commit a foul with our big men is at least a break even with the 5 points we would have gained to date. All in all, it's a lot like the LaRussa pitcher-batting-eighth thing: goes against conventional wisdom, gives us fans something to gripe about, but really doesn't make a big difference in the long run.
  4. Bills by 5 over Valparaiso

    Actually, it probably just means we've been pretty unlucky so far this year. Our 50.8% defensive 3 Pt % is dead last in D1 (347th!)--there is no way our opponents will sustain that rate. Pomeroy did some research last year that showed that among two relatively evenly matched teams, 3 Pt % is essentially a lottery. Your defense can control how many 3 pt attempts your opponent takes, but for the ones they do throw up, they've got about a 35% chance of going in in the long run. Here's the full article for the details: http://kenpom.com/bl...ne_is_a_lottery (warning: there's math involved) In case you're wondering, the Bills are preventing 3 pt attempts even better than last year. We've allowed 3 pt shots on only 20% of possessions (3rd lowest in D1). last year, it was 25% (9th in D1). So it's not like we're leaving opponents open for tons of 3s--they've just happened to make a better percentage of them this year. I suspect we'll start seeing some nights where opponents shoot 20% from 3, and we'll all be talking about how stifling our defense was.
  5. Butler to A10

    I did a quick check on the Butler message board...it looks like their fans are almost unanimously in favor of going to the A-10. They like the multiple bids that are possible as well as the increased exposure from playing in the east coast (sound familiar?). The only hangup for them is losing their games in the Chicago market, since they apparently recruit a lot there. Let's get them in the fold, and get them in our pod with X and Dayton!
  6. Dayton or Xavier

    And just like that, we now are 2-2 against RPI top 50. X moved up to 48 with that win. Shows how silly arbitrary cutoffs are when evaluating a team.
  7. Roy is right--our offense is not mediocre. Because we play at a slow tempo, the point totals don't often get into the 80s, but that doesn't mean the offense is bad. According to Pomeroy, our offensive efficiency is 39th in the nation...not quite as stellar as our 10th ranked defense, but still pretty darn good. It's all about efficiency. We'll never have gaudy point totals or individual stats, but it's only because we purposely limit the possessions in each game.
  8. A message to Blue Crew

  9. GW board says slu bubble team if

    Great info, as usual, kwyjibo. Keep it coming!
  10. Optimism at an all-time high

    I agree with you guys—this is a fun team to watch, especially knowing that this is just the beginning—but does anyone else get that sinking feeling that we are in for a letdown? All this talk of running the table and winning the conference tourney, it seems too good to be true. The team has proven that they are certainly capable of such a run, but I have been conditioned by the past decade of Billiken basketball to expect a maddening loss whenever it seems like we on the verge of a breakthrough. Is this team really good enough to avoid such a letdown? I guess we’ll find out in the next couple of weeks. Regardless, it’s a great time to be a Billikens fan!
  11. Sportszone tonight?

    Will anyone be heading over to Sportzone for the game tonight? I'll be there with SLUradioboy and Billikens_fanatic, and it would be great to get a group of fellow Bills fans there to cheer them on to victory!
  12. Help

    If you're using Internet Explorer, try going to Tools>Internet Options. Under the General tab, click on the "Colors..." button, and you will be able to set the colors used for visited and unvisited links. Make sure that those colors are different, whatever you choose. If you're using Firefox (which I highly recommend!), go to Tools>Options, and there is a "Fonts and Colors" button under the General tab as well, which allows you to adjust the same thing. This might not be the problem, but it's worth checking. Let me know if this does the trick.
  13. A 12-hour round trip in one day...

    I saw you guys over there, but I was sitting directly across from you, also up in the rafters. I would have joined you but I didn't want to ditch the friends that I came with. It was kind of fun being the lone voice for the Billikens over on the side I was on. Luckily, I don’t think we were sitting amongst the most passionate Xavier fans, so I didn't have to worry about any confrontations (not that I was saying anything bad about them…just supporting our guys).
  14. ...was all made worthwhile by Kevin Lisch's 3-pointer with 56 ticks left on the clock. The Xavier fans were getting really loud after a couple free throws cut the lead to 2 points, but you would have been able to hear a pin drop in the Cintas Center after Kevin drained that shot, were it not for the Blue Crew folks and me going crazy (I was the only person in my section that was making noise for the Billikens). I've never been so happy to get so many nasty looks from total strangers. I took a perverse pleasure in watching all the dejected looks on the people's faces as they filed out of the arena. I almost started to feel bad for them, but then I remembered how many times I've had to cope with a maddening loss from our Billikens. It's always nice when we can return the favor. All things considered, I'd say it was worth the 12 hours in the car to see the exciting victory. Who needs sleep, anyway?
  15. RPI Question

    I believe the NCAA does not reveal the formula used for the "official" RPI that is used by the selection committee. The various websites with RPI rankings are only the author's best guess at what the RPI formula actually is. They usually end up being pretty acurate when everything is said and done at the end of the year. As a casual RPI watcher, my personal preference is Ken Pomeroy's site. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure that's how it works.