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  1. cant resist

    I almost forgot how friendly Roy is Anyway good luck to you guys this upcoming season. You look to have a fun club for next year. I'm sure I'll be back someday, it was nice mixing it up with you again.
  2. cant resist

    He posted them over there after here. I won't be around here long, don't worry.
  3. He had a blood clot removed a couple months ago. Doctors haven't given him permission to play yet. But yes that must be ducking.
  4. cant resist

    Actually I haven't looked at this board in almost a year. Just saw thicks post on tigerboard, that he would give his all star game thoughts here and came to check it out. Just keeping you honest, since I was in that conversation. I'd even defend you if someone accused you of something you didn't say. I said AJ would be late second round at best. Just because a guy doesn't get drafted doesn't mean he was a fine college player and that was what your original post that day was about. A page full of guys you thought were better college players than Johnson. The guy scored about 1700 pts, had 1100 rbs and 250 blks. He's undersized for the NBA though. That game is a different animal.
  5. cant resist

    Guess I should say something, since I was involved in that original conversation. Apparently your memory is getting pretty bad in your old age To refresh your memory, it was torch who said he thought Johnson was a lottery pick. Me and AJ both said late second round if at all. That whole topic started with you listing a page of players you thought were better than Johnson(including Chris Braun and Kenny Brown LOL). Then torch threw in the part where he thought AJ was a lottery pick and the topic sidetracked. Somehow ever since you've attributed that statement to AJ. Yes, I have a freakish memory and hello again all, I see this board hasn't changed much:)
  6. This will be Peeler's 11th year in the NBA I believe. He must be doing something right. He's been mostly a solid role player for his career. But I think he did have a few years with Vancouver where he averaged 18 pts or so, when he had a chance to start.
  7. Husak and redshirting

    Oklahoma redshirted a senior last year (Jason Detrick)
  8. mckinney vs. liddell

    Conley, Horton and Mckinney can all play on the floor at the same time without a problem. Mckinney will still get his minutes.
  9. interesting article

    I could be wrong, but I still think they couldn't use his scholarship, even if he did leave. The 5/8 rule wouldn't allow it.
  10. interesting article

    Mizzou doesn't have a scholarship left. He was probably just coming up with a quick list on the spot.
  11. Tommie Liddell to Committ to SLU

    You take sports way too seriously. You may want to lynch torch BTW. He's a Mizzou football fan.
  12. Tommie Liddell to Committ to SLU

    Why do you hate Mizzou football too? This just seems odd to me. Pinkel is doing it the right way. He can't help it if people overhyped his team. It also may have proved KU is better than people thought.
  13. Grimes Rumor from Creighton Board

    Could be, but I'd wait for a more reliable source than a message board. I think he'll still end up at Mizzou too.
  14. Grimes Rumor from Creighton Board

    Unless things have changed in a week, I don't buy this rumor. Here's a blurb from an AP article last week on MU's recruits and how this may affect them. Phone calls to the recruits through their schools were not returned, but Hazelwood Central athletic director Ken Green said Grimes was unfazed by the negative news about the basketball program. " The family hopes everything works out and they have confidence everything will get cleared up," Green said. "He's not wavering a bit."
  15. PG: how's about we....

    I say try to make a run at John Lucas from Baylor. He's a heck of a player and will be able to play right away without having to sit out a year.