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Reading Between the Lines in slubillikens article?

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The one thing that scares me about the article on slubillikens.com

is the sudden level of cooperation betwixt SLU and the MVC for this final game at home. It may mean the two have been in contact about other things, MVC is courting SLU or we just finally got smart. I don't want the two to be in contact.

"We are pleased that our relationship with The Valley and MVC commissioner Doug Elgin has allowed this opportunity," said Saint Louis director of athletics Doug Woolard. "Being able to close the conference season at home is something that our team and fans deserve."

"Saint Louis University is a stong local partner of ours, and we've always admired the success they've had with their men's basketball program," said MVC commissioner Doug Elgin. "We're delighted that we're able to accommodate the Billikens' home game with Houston on Friday night during our tournament. This will be an added bonus for basketball fans in St. Louis, and we'll be working together on ways we can cross-market our respective events."

MVC does have pretty good soccer. Most of the soccer schools don't play basketball. For some reason SMU, Tulsa, Vanderbilt play in MVC for Soccer. But alas that is no reason to join we could be independent in soccer and do well.

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Hey I'm a little sensitive about the smoking gun thing.

I'm glad this has been an ongoing discussion and hope that is all that it was. The timing of the MVC cooperation might be just a little too good. Oh well, it is about time SLU gets a break.

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I think SLU & the MVC have always had a pretty good relationship. They both kind of help each other. SLU usually has 1 or 2 MVC teams on their schedule. The MVC hosts its tournament here each year which is a big plus for all college basketball fans in the area, as well as hosting NCAA games in St Louis. SLU & the MVC having a good relationship is not something to be paranoid about.

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Almost Every NCAA event has the St Louis Sports Commission, the Valley and SLU as part of the hosting committee. SLU and the Valley work together quite a lot on logistical things (SLU media relations works at NCAA tourney games, etc). Its not a huge surprise to see them working together.

When do the games get played? Our Friday March 5 game against Houston has a TBA time. The Valley normally plays at 600 and 830 on friday for their tourney. Will SLU be a middle game between two valley games? (i dont think so, but who knows) Perhaps the Valley moves their games to the afternoon? The press release mentions cross promotions...maybe a buy a Billiken ticket and get a Valley ticket free? What do you think?

I think (just based on seating differences in the Valley setup and the SLU setup at Kiel) the Valley games get bumped to the afternoon, the building gets cleared, and then the SLU game happpens later. Perhaps an 8 pm start?

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