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>The staff has been able to get quality pickups from Indiana,

>Iowa, New Jersey and Israel in the spring. They've

>undoubtedly evaluated a lot of kids this year that we've

>never even heard of. Please be patient. It's not a Terry

>Evans or nothing scenario.

Agree with 3star. Just because one may look down the list of available PFs in the metro area for the 2004 class and not see anyone promising, it does not mean there are not options out there. Brad's recruits have already come from Iowa, Indiana, Minnesota, New Jersey, and two foreign countries. We shall have options in the spring.

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judging by the 3 recruits we already have and the makeup of the billikens that will return, i would pass on terry evans. it is unfortunate he has had the knee problem, but he needs to get well and prove himself all over again. my guess is that terry will have to go to a juco for at least a year to prove he has the ability to play division one basketball again.

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