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A-10's New Sign Guy Division

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The following post is from an A-10 board following up on the latest Big East proposal. Like me this person speculated that the Big East would more likely pilfer A-10 basketball schools than C-USA ones. The person then concludes that the A-10 should go after the "CUSA4".

This makes no sense from a power sense as C-USA is a "major" conference with representatives on every NCAA committee (including tournament selection) and the A-10 does not. I did think Sign Guy would get a kick out of conference division specially created for him.

"Quinn's" post:


[/i]Since the CUSA4 have come to their agreement to stick together no matter what, it might have removed them from any consideration. It's doubtful that the BE5+ maybe ND would want 4 members outside of the current Big East footprint.

What the Big East passes over could be suitable replacements for Xavier, Dayton and Temple:





St. Josephs




George Washington


* Charlotte

* Depaul

* Marquette

* St. Louis [/i]

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I would kill for GWU to be in the same division as the Billikens. (Although it would be a downgrade for the Billikens)

For the Billikens to come to GW once a year would be amazing.

Hey, let's make the REAL SignGuy Dream Conference and throw American, Georgetown, and GW in there. And I get to see at least 3 games a year in DC. Heck, let them play the Wizards, next year they are going to suck if Stackhouse leaves.



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i am hoping stackhouse leaves so larry the legend can play his real position. i have no use for stackhouse. imo he is about as selfish as they come.

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