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Two immediate benefits of a CUSA basketball alliance

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Correct me if I'm wrong but if the CUSA basketball schools stick together and the football schools decide to form their own conference:

1) The basketball schools would retain the Conference USA name because they are charter members. Conference USA has developed good name recognition nationally so this is pretty significant.

2) CUSA would receive whatever fees are levied against the schools who are abandoning the league. I'm not sure what the figure is for CUSA, but to pull out of the Big East a school must pay out about $1 million.

Those are two pretty good reasons for the CUSA basketball schools to stick together.

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You do make some very good points 3 Star, but if we join the Big East Catholics, and somehow maintain the name "Big East" that wouldn't be so bad either in terms of name recognition.

I am not so sure that "C-USA" reeally carries a lot of clout nationally. We know we are a very good conference, but the East and West Coast media, and conferences for that matter, don't give us a lot of respect, so I don't know that holding onto the name "C-USA" would really benefit us that much at all.

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the biggest thing besides name recognition is the fact an existing conference will get the automatic ncaa bid.

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