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Midtown Madness: Interview with Kevin Lisch; Part 1

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Peter and Zac sat down with Billiken Legend to talk long form about family, high school basketball/college recruitment and his Billiken career. Unfortunately we had to log off before we could get to his pro career and experience at the Beijing Olympics with Australian national team, but are planning to get back with Kevin soon for at least a Part 2!

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I can't stress enough how truly surreal this was. I totally understand if people prefer to listen to the audio only version while in the car or at work but man for us Billiken die hards it really is worth grabbing your favorite snack and/or your drink of choice, kicking back on the couch and watching it on youtube.

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Lisch is pretty much everything you heard he was off the court. He couldn't have been more gracious with his time and what really struck me was his perspective on certain aspects of his experience. I was genuinely surprised by some of his answers, or at least his take on certain things that differed from what I would've expected.

We're working on scheduling the second part now. I will admit to being a bit nervous about releasing the first half before the second is in the can, but based on our interactions with him so far, I'm still pretty confident we'll get that second part. I guess the advantage is that if any of you think we missed something, got something wrong, etc., let us know and maybe we can touch on it in the second part, which will mostly be focused on his pro career, national team experience, and life after SLU.

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