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Quality Is Job 1

Semi-OT: Was it Crews or May who tanked the program?

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Debbie and Cheryl were go getters who both would have benefitted immensely if they had Dr C’s backing.

May has had the good fortune of being handed RM on a platter, and closing out the final chapter of the arena as well.

He could not manage the RM/Biondi relationship, nor establish a professional buffer. He made a liver eel pie of our escape into the fold of the Big East.

He did not properly assess Crews’ coaching abilities, sending us on an unneeded five year sabbatical in basketball hell.

He had lots of guidance to hire Ford, and this is his crowning achievement to date. Now he needs to set up the perpetual rolling contract.

The ladies’ soccer team is solid, the mens’ side is improving but way below expected measure.

Baseball has been great, but rewarding the coaching staff has been measured in drabs.

All the other sports are well below where they should be in the A10, given resources, available recruiting and student populations.

May is heads above our other ADs, but that is akin to picking who the best swimmers were aboard the Titantic.

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8 hours ago, Clock_Tower said:

Dont know Larry but Debbie yow was great

I liked Debbie. She thought big time.  Just didn’t like her Good Better Best speech.. 

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