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  1. I heard they basically just removed him from the situation, he was seen having a drink at Lorenzini's minutes later. I can understand that they didn't want a brawl breaking out, lol.
  2. Watching Women's Olympic Hockey to get fired up for today. Let's beat the ROC and send the Flyers packing today, boys!
  3. I always wonder how our student engagement compares to other schools of similar size and D1 success. I always see the core group of SLUnatics and some die hards at every game, but you'd think because we're known as a basketball (also soccer) school, you'd see more consistent student engagement swayed by spirit and not giveaways (which I loved as a student, but wasn't a selling point).
  4. I knew someone who was convinced that they had never seen Welmer play at all. E: This was someone who watches every game.
  5. Please, I'm not a violent man, but I often fantasize about curb-stomping the words "Dayton" and "Flyers."
  6. I just celebrated on a zoom call and make no apologies.
  7. The worst part is I always get my hopes up when we're up by double digits with under 5 to go
  8. I'd love to not be cursing right now, but here we are still think we've got this, though.
  9. Haell yeah, brother! Seriously I would take a throwback night with the beauty above, we could have it the game where they have the men's alumni back.
  10. This but all red with blue fringe like the Blues Reverse Retros (pls don't kill me)
  11. Maybe they can do a reverse retro a la the NHL and sell it I swear alternate jerseys almost always look cooler!
  12. I feel like this has only been a pandemic phenomenon?
  13. Now they're going to wonder why I'm laughing to myself at work. Never change, Wiz!
  14. Do you ever give the computer a cookie if it gets the spread exactly correct?
  15. Felt like the attendance today was more than the last few games. Maybe we need a thread on board attendance issues?
  16. Can't win too many when the other team scores 13(?) 3 pointers. Made a good effort toward the end, though.
  17. I don't like that I'm hearing about and reading things like this after nearly EVERY loss.
  18. What's the shadowy thing on UMass' court? I feel like I get told every year and forget. Edit: ope it's the state of Massachusetts
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