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  1. Richmond men's and women's teams have absolutely dominated the A-10 this year, wtf?
  2. Is anybody going to the MVC Tournament this weekend? I'll be there Saturday for the semis. Hoping to scout out Schertz in person, haha.
  3. I was one of those my freshman year back in 2015. I remember we had more than 10 runs scored in an inning and everyone had to scramble to figure out how to put a two-digit number into the ancient scoreboard tech.
  4. Nah didn't they fire him during a scandal or something? Edit: Yep, just looked it up.
  5. Yeah this is a better way to put it.
  6. I'm definitely down to burn it all down. There are a number of people I'd want to keep (Brian Kunderman, Mickey Smith, some other internal guys who do their jobs really well) but most of the public facing people should be shown the door.
  7. I hope we don't just so we can move on, finally.
  8. Last game of the season, so I didn't care but at one point I called one of the refs an a**hole pretty loudly, lol, surprised I didn't get threatened
  9. I've seen that ref at several games the last couple of years. Guy has an Angel Hernandez-sized ego and seems like a d*ck.
  10. Now that TJ has had his senior night, I've updated my favorite Billiken.
  11. I love TJ, he's such a nice dude and he always gives 100%.
  12. Ford comes off like a b*tch when he gets desperate.
  13. I have a good feeling about taking 2 games in this tournament, but sadly, I think they get bounced in the semi-finals.
  14. Did the 119 points we scored last night break our record from earlier this season? I know both games were against non-D1 teams, but points are points. Edit: Yep, by 10 points.
  15. Due respect, Maria, cock-eyed optimism is just as annoying.
  16. Why does Pete Gillen sound like Jon Voight specifically from National Treasure?
  17. Oddly enough someone else caught it before me, just figured I'd post it here.
  18. Yes, that's what I meant. SLU has scheduled against D-III Knox College tomorrow night.
  19. No one is sticking around until 11 on a Tuesday to see all of this lol.
  20. Ah I wasn't able to be there for that, so I don't know why they've decided to schedule this.
  21. Yeah aside from having a senior night, I don't know why they're doing this.
  22. Apparently they've scheduled another game for tomorrow against Knox College, a D-III school.
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