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  1. And the Snozzberries taste like Snozzberries! Everything you can see is eatable, I mean you can really eat it!
  2. Isn't Elisha Grey the guy who invented the telephone and had his idea stolen by Graham Bell?
  3. Grandy is one of the oddest Billiken post-career stories ever.
  4. This being the image for the game preview on Bally is hilarious for some reason
  5. Lisa Stone is an amazing outlier. I've heard she's only missed her daily runs twice: each time when her two kids were born.
  6. I have to use an obscene amount of lotion to keep this from happening during the season.
  7. As well as at VCU, we got the Belk Arena monkey off our backs, why not make it 3 for 3?
  8. We're like a vampire sucking the blood of the A10 at this point.
  9. This just tells me NET and Pomeroy are trash.
  10. Going out for drinks after probably didn't help my blood pressure best game the women have played all year in terms of grit and perseverance!
  11. Honestly I think SLU and VCU can achieve just what you stated above. Let everyone else maul each other in the conference and we're golden.
  12. I didn't even know different classes of tech fouls existed. I thought they were all uniformly 2 FTs.
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