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  1. Happy for him. Perhaps the pregnancy is why Nesbitt felt like he needed to come back home and all the rumors of being an issue in the locker room were overblown.
  2. The second tweet is fake. Its from @ChapleyNedia, not Carter's account.
  3. Heard from SLU after the Linssen commitment?
  4. I was at the game tonight sitting opposite the bench. At one point he was walking past other players and I'd guess he was about an inch or two taller than French. Skinny build. He and the guy that was with him recorded the entire team intro on their phones.
  5. Yea. I was in attendance right across from the bench. Definitely had a boot on.
  6. Jimerson was in a boot during the Maryville game.
  7. Don't know that he can. Could be a HIPAA violation.
  8. Any ideas as to why? His dad works at Belleville West and my cousin is a teacher there. She was close with the family and asked him a couple days ago how things were going for EJ at OSU (after I tipped her off based on an earlier post that he may be transferring) and he said everything was great.
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