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  1. Rammer's discarded toothpick was discovered by Paul Bunyan. It became the handle to Bunyan's axe.
  2. Rammer doesn't do push ups, he pushes down on the world.
  3. I don't see how we beat VCU there. We're going to have to win it at Chaifetz. Show up people and let the Bills ride the wave of the crowd's enthusiasm.
  4. X has the lead, Holloway is taking over. X up one after a 28-12 run.
  5. X on a 20-9 run, have cut it to 4. Crawford looking great.
  6. KState with the 19-4 run to start the game. X has scored 8 straight.
  7. Looking ahead in the NIT, I predict Rhody over UNC and Dayton over Ole Miss. Rhody takes down Dayton in the final. Watching Rhody and Dayton over the past two games, I'm impressed that the Bills had enough to win 3 of 4 from those teams. VCU is very much like Rhody with good size and athleticism. Hope we can shoot well enough to stay with them.
  8. Just like to point out that last night we had a pts. per possession rate of 1.11 which is 10% or more above our usual output. 3 more made FTs and it would've been an excellent 1.16. Turnover rate was below 20%, always a good benchmark to stay under. Defensive rebounding was great as we allowed only 6 offensive boards on 25 missed shots, a rate of 24%. Keeping that below 35% is excellent. Overall, one of the most solid performances of the season. Bills will have their hands full with VCU, a team that has improved dramatically as the season progressed. A little bit scary to review their seaso
  9. Sagarin rating improves 11 spots to # 70. A good night's work by the Bills and the A-10 in general. Let's go X!!
  10. Ohfense? Well, he seems to be pretty good at coaching it, saying it, not so much.
  11. Another A-10 trifecta tonight. Can't wait to see where Sagarin has us tomorrow. Tuesday we improved from 84-79, Wednesday we fell to 81 despite no A-10 teams playing. Hoping for another five position improvement tomorrow.
  12. Bills better sack it up and match the Rams' intensity. VCU has great fans, it'll be a raucous environment, a cauldron of emotion. Bills gotta bring it.
  13. Only 4600 out for this game? What is wrong with the fanbase?
  14. Rickma never talks about offense. I hear him talk about defense, and some other kind of fence. Never hear him talk about the offensive side of the ball.
  15. Been doing the same thing, can't believe what a gutless group this Dayton team is.
  16. Game over. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. CS to shoot two. Need him to step up here. First good. Second no good. Up 10. Turnover us.
  18. KM fouls and PU shoots two. 1 min. to go. They make both, up 9.
  19. Misses first. "Crowd loves Willie Reed and how can you not?" Misses both. Christian fouled. We're still up 10. He makes one of two.
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