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  1. MM nearly airballs a three. Thanks for a great career Dwayne.
  2. We desperately need a bucket, and Evans misses the layup.
  3. Jake bricks the front end can RL make a couple?
  4. Hey sorry, I was being sarcastic about Rammer, the question marks meant I wonder if he just called ballgame.
  5. Well if we'd made a few FTs and they weren't hitting threes out of their ass, we'd be right with them. Gonna take a miracle, but still possible.
  6. Need to see more of Tanner this half, gives us a chance on the boards and they have to respect his ability to stick a three.
  7. Little bit of life, defense stepping up.
  8. And I remember when we were excited that the leading scorer from a 4 win team was transferring in.
  9. Blowout as expected. Barnett with the sweet pass to Gottfried. WTF was that?
  10. To avoid further embarrassment, Colorado should just forfeit now and go home. Down 30-7.
  11. Pitt pummeling the Buffs 23-5. I think the Panthers underachieved this year and will be a tough out in the Tourney.
  12. Warren is ACC POY for a reason, beating out media darling Jabari Parker. The guy sort of unexpectedly turned into a beast. Big problem for the Billikens.
  13. State fan, I'm with you on this one. Living in NC and seeing the progress State has made since their loss to Wake, I'm very impressed with how your team is playing. Bills are in for one heckuva struggle, and as much as I enjoy Wiz's predictions, I think he's wrong on this one. I hope the Bills win but my bracket has State in the round of 32. Just really disappointed with how our last five games played out. We basically sucked.
  14. There's more truth to this than not, at least the second part of the sentence. The guy is essentially unstoppable at this level. Keep Dwayne and JJ as far away from him as possible. Hope Tanner can challenge him if he gets the chance.
  15. Great post. Hoping for a win on Thursday but just don't feel good about this team at all right now. I'd say they overachieved to get the 19 game streak even including the general weakness of the opposition. Of course our problems aren't so severe that they wouldn't be fixed by a 40% or more showing from the arc.
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