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  1. Seeing Larry Hughes all dressed up for the Spurs Championship Party last night in Cleveland. All the stars were out and it was neat to see a Billiken mingle in there with the kinfolk. Seriously, if you can't play through some pain in the NBA Finals, you don't deserve to play professional basketball. Maybe all the fans in Cleveland should get tattoos of two tear drops underneath their eyes, because you were in "so much pain," that you couldn't even help your team, who pays you millions of dollars, to make that series respectable. You should be fined for not playing. You have all off-season to get surgery, rehab the foot, whatever. No one at CBC must have barked or screamed at you to get up for a big game, I take it. Character is more important than talent, Larry, and you showed your lack of courage and commitment to your team. You are a ***** for letting Daniel Gibson take your spot, and there's probably a roster in Israel that would love to have you this fall.
  2. I can't stand hearing Conquest played 300 plus times in South Bend, but since ND is breaking out the green and letting everyone know in advance, I hope the 07 ND-SC game is as good as the 05 version. I've never cried so much in all my life. Freaking Bush. I hope the NCAA takes his Heisman away. Maybe O.J. can buy it. Go Irish Beat Trojans
  3. All it took was a Sweet 16 appearance, gentlemen. That's all it took. Look at Marquette...they got a new conference for Christ sake. DeeWayne Wade and all that. Of course, MSU wiped the Breslin Center floor with a shell shocked Braves team last year, but BU has pulled off some memorable wins in the last decade or so against BCS schools at Carver Arena.
  4. We're not on that level, but our coach is. Remember that we're not dealing with Soderberg anymore.
  5. I think it's a bunch of ##### SLU has to host this when none of these players will give SLU a second look a few years from now. All the courts are taken up and the people who PAY 35 BUCKS A MONTH can't use the courts for some pick-up ball? The people who run the rec need to be lined up and shot.
  6. There's no way Peoria's Carver Arena could host the MVC Basketball Tournament...maybe baseball at 5 year-old O'Brien Field, but keep the Valley at larger arenas, such as the Scottrade Center. With the Valley HQ's in St. Louis, it's the ideal place for fans of all Valley teams.
  7. Interesting how UNC-C gets three in-state games (App. State, Davidson and Wake), while we play the, what are they, Tridents of UMSL? Pansies (Mizzou) belong in a garden anyway.
  8. That Majerus has no confidence in the weak play of MacGuire, which was obvious if you watched any tape footage or attended any game that he saw minutes in. Roth is the real deal. He lit up a very good Notre Dame squad in a MS-6-Mid I matchup last year, a ND team which won the Richwoods Shootout just last weekend, with pretty much the same team, sans Josh Edmonds. Roth would no doubt push MacGuire and there would be a pretty good competition there, but it seems to me that MacGuire was the type of player that won't even get a second look in the new Golden Age of Rick Majerus recruiting. MacGuire is the prototypical Soderberg recruit. Wants to play D-I, probably isn't good enough, but hey, we need some bodies to guard our starters at practice. Look for a Roth signing next week, Tuesday at the earliest. Rumor has it that he'll be down here this weekend.
  9. Yeah, I had a chance to talk to Brian Korbesmeyer at Humphrey's the other night and he made reference to everybody getting sick from the Chartbad's box lunches they made so readily available to everyone. But hey, that's part of the Saint Louis U. "Experience." You gotta get sick from Chartbad's at least once! So-dex-ho was another thing.
  10. Obviously when the Bryce Husak era at Saint Louis University ends, this program is going to start killing the Atlantic Ten competition. Right now, as it stands, the recruiting class that will arrive on the Frost Campus in August 2008 will no doubt be the best recruiting class in over a decade. Mitchell will be groomed by two seniors in Lisch and Liddell, who will end their Billiken careers as possibly the best backcourt in school history, and you figure that Willie Reed and Brett Thompson will be impact players right away. With Husak and a soft Knollmeyer this year, paint points, rebounding and the transition game might be tough to come by, but once Husak leaves and Majerus can beat the ##### out of Knollmeyer and turn him into Ben Hansborough, then maybe we will have a legit interior presence when Thompson arrives. But things are looking up for the Bills in terms of recruiting. Do you ever remember a week under Soderberg when two recruits signed? I sure as hell don't. Go get 'em, Ricky Baby.
  11. I'd like to see us play Long Beach State. Would be good to get the Dirt Bags in town, knowing the usual throng of Dirt Bags that follow the team. I also hear they have a large contingency of alums near the Airport.
  12. Received a Google Alert today and it mentioned Creighton will be a participant in our annual Nike Tournament: ------------------ Creighton then travels to Saint Louis for a tournament hosted by the Billikens, Sept. 13-15.
  13. From KC?? Just goes to show you what a waste the Jamal Walker talk was. He isn't even on the staff anymore and we sign a kid who was supposed to be in Walker's breadbasket. I thank God everyday that we hired Rick Majerus.
  14. They need to get rid of that awful font they use on the Web site and team jerseys. Just horrible. Makes you want to throw up.
  15. It's usually right before the start of official practices that the A.D. dusts the cobwebs off the one main computer in the office and has an intern update the Web site. Either that, or Chuck, Dougie Mac and Diana Koval all have the summer off.
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