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  1. Yes, operating costs have to be higher in the ACC, even though the Cal Chancellor is trying to spin that they won’t significantly be, while revealing the ACC plan to have the volleyball, softball, baseball and soccer teams from each Coast meet in Dallas. As I told AdMan, St. Louis should submit a bid to be an ACC venue host. The ACC says Cal and Stanford will make 3-4 annual football trips to the East.
  2. Update: Per the Baltimore Sun, SMU is foregoing 9 years of ACC Tier 1 (TV) revenue, at an estimated $25M per year ($225M minimum). The pledges from the SMU alumni cover most of that amount.
  3. https://x.com/brett_mcmurphy/status/1697619768340054166?s=46&t=jikm5nKg-NlIUjy2c9C9zw
  4. The question is if there will still be 6 CFP auto bids and 6 at larges (favored by the Group of 6) or 5 auto bids and 7 at larges (favored by the Power 5(4). My prediction is the latter will happen. Cal and Stanford have found a home in the ACC, albeit with reduced TV shares, following heavy lobbying by Notre Dame. SMU has bought its way into the ACC, foregoing TV money for a reported 7 years, while raising $200M in pledges from its alumni to cover the TV money forbearance. SMU realized this was its last chance to get into a Power 5(4) conference. Re travel, the Cal Chancellor revealed an ACC plan to have teams from both Coasts meet in Dallas for games. I could see that happening in olympic sports, but not in Football and Basketball. Oregon State (currently ranked #18 nationally in Football) and Washington State are still out there, left behind. The AAC has reportedly cut off negotiations, leaving either the Mountain West or trying to maintain the Pac-2 with expansion additions from the AAC and/or Mountain West. The latter is possible, but less likely without Stanford and Cal. My opinion is the big winner today is Notre Dame, and the big loser is the B1G (from a CFB control aspect, albeit all the way to the bank, making the B1G a big winner from that aspect). Stanford and Cal preferred to join USC, UCLA, Oregon and Washington in a Coastal Division of the B1G, but the Fox TV money was apparently not there. You can't accept what you're not offered. Notre Dame continues to get its cake and eat it too, with its affiliation with the ACC, Independent status in Football, ACC membership in the other ACC sports that ND plays, including Basketball and a full conference vote, and its NBC TV deal for its home football games. Notre Dame gets all this while residing right in the middle of the Big Ten footprint. The B1G wants ND, but not vice versa.
  5. The SLU Goalie, Jeremi Abonnel, literally saved the game with 2 incredible saves on point blank Butler chances, gave SLU the chance for its fruitful rally. Forward CJ Coppola scored both SLU Goals. It was great to see that SLU Sweep of the Big East, the SLU Women routing Creighton 4-1, the SLU Men rallying to beat Butler 2-1. Butler was assessed 3 Yellow Cards in the last 2:44 of the game.
  6. https://twitter.com/themontyshow/status/1689353322971668480?s=46&t=jikm5nKg-NlIUjy2c9C9zw
  7. https://twitter.com/redditcfb/status/1688760491500601345?s=46&t=jikm5nKg-NlIUjy2c9C9zw This is the Stanford I know. Map issue? Just rewrite the map️
  8. https://twitter.com/LarryWilliamsTI/status/1689376957228527616?s=20 The Irish are reportedly going to bat for Stanford and Cal with the ACC.
  9. https://twitter.com/mhver3/status/1688961836450779149?s=46&t=jikm5nKg-NlIUjy2c9C9zw
  10. https://www.sportskeeda.com/college-football/how-much-will-florida-state-pay-leave-acc-exploring-different-alternatives-seminoles-ahead-2023-season There is a possibility the ACC takes Stanford and Cal as a preemptive to losing Florida State and Clemson. Pete Thamel reported the ACC Presidents were previously cool to taking Stanford and Cal. The Pac-12 and ACC had a much publicized alliance that fell way short in reality, never really got off the ground. But the Bay Area pair and the ACC are not strangers. At one time, SLU was playing (and losing) to Florida State in hoops twice a season in the rugged Metro Conference. I was mere feet away on the baseline as SLU struggled against the FSU Press, right in front of us, and blew a 7 point lead with approx. 30 seconds left.
  11. Actually the NCAA Tourney units from the Pac-12 members are still retained by the Pac-4, and are a consideration stated by the media, along with at least $25M in upcoming Pac-12 TV revenue from ESPN and Fox ending in the summer of '24. The issue is available funds to assist the Mountain West schools potentially moving to the PAC with the steep MW exit fees. The two NCAA Tourney automatic bids, one from the PAC, the other from the MW, are cited in favoring the PAC taking some MW schools, while the MW remains in operation with its remaining schools. The PAC remains attractive while it still has its automatic berth in the CFP Playoff. However, Stanford and Cal are exploring their Power 5 options, if any, outside the Pac-4, including ACC and Big Ten. Where they are heading is currently unknown.
  12. https://twitter.com/petethamel/status/1688690740895879168?s=46&t=jikm5nKg-NlIUjy2c9C9zw
  13. https://twitter.com/PeteThamel/status/1688627770987794433?s=20 While Stanford and Cal to the ACC still seems like a longshot, going by Jon Wilner's opinion, the conference situation remains very fluid. If this happens, that would probably be the end of the Pac-12(4), with Oregon State and Washington State being the two left behind, perhaps Mountain West bound. Stanford does have a long time football relationship with pseudo-ACC Notre Dame, and Cal played football at Notre Dame last season, brought a large contingent of Old Blues to South Bend.
  14. Stanford is located very near the HQ's of Google, Apple and Meta (Facebook). Stanford has a $37.8 Billion endowment. Stanford will come out of this ok. Sidebar- The last I read, Stanford was not allowing NIL, in any form, was forbidding its boosters from offering NIL. Cal is in a different position financially, has significant debt from the retrofit of Memorial Stadium, and related athletic facilities. Cal will be getting "Calimony" payments from UCLA's Big Ten TV money.
  15. 1. At this point, the Pac still retains the Power 5 automatic bid to the College Football Playoff, would need to add at least 2 members with certainty to keep that auto bid. If Stanford and Cal decide to go this route, the Pac is expected to add 4-7 more schools from the MW and AAC. MW is a Group of 5 conference, one of the top in the group, but still outside the Power 5, as is the AAC. 2. New Pac-8(11) TV (streaming) money, likely from Apple, is expected to triple ($15M) or at minumum double ($10M) the $5M in TV money in the MW. The Bay Area (Stanford and Cal) is the 6th largest TV market. Apple, based physically near Stanford, offered $25M floor to Pac-12(10) before the latest 6 bolted last Friday. 3. Being in the same conference as Cal and Stanford for the 3 Cal State's in the MW, in particular, but also whomever else in the MW and beyond gets chosen, is enticing in itself. San Diego State was likely the #1 expansion candidate for the Pac-12(10), and that likely remains for the Pac 4. Both Stanford and Cal have Coast to Coast influential alumni, especially Stanford. Silicon Valley megabucks with ties to both, especially to Stanford, are not to be minimalized. To think the Pac is dead is wishful outside thinking. If Stanford and Cal go elsewhere (Big Ten or ACC), then yes, the Pac would be extinct, but at this point in time the Pac still exists. We'll probably know more as to where this is heading a week from today. A good source re the Pac is Jon Wilner in the San Jose Mercury News. The bolting 8 leave their NCAA Tourney Basketball units behind. The Pac-12 in fiscal year '24 is expected to generate $500M in revenue. There is money there to assist with the $34M without notice MW exit fees.
  16. If the Pac-4 plucks 4 from the Mountain West (and 3 from the AAC), as opposed to merging the MW into the Pac (which is also being discussed), both the Pac and MW would keep their NCAA Auto Bids.
  17. https://twitter.com/warriors/status/1676784390460850179?s=20 Yuri gets recognized by the Coach, wins the Offensive Chef Player of the Game. It’s on to Las Vegas.
  18. The Warriors Summer League team definitely played better, closed the deficit last night, when Yuri Collins was in the game and playing point guard.
  19. We can't be that bad, Crews level pillow fight bad, can we be? If that happens, tell me the local bar so maybe I can appear by Zoom. I was at the Loyola Chicago road game, the game Sincere Parker and Larry Hughes, Jr. won for SLU in the de facto 2nd Quarter, when the starters were in foul trouble. They were bombing away right in front of our end zone seats, and LHJ handled the ball flawlessly. They can both play ball, are much better players than A10 PIG level.
  20. Warriors are playing in the California Classic in Sacramento July 3 and 5.
  21. Welcome to the Bay Area, Yuri️ Dubs just traded for Chris Paul. Golden State's G-League team is 1:15, 1:30 to the south in Santa Cruz, beach town, surf city.
  22. My sincere condolences to Schaz. May she rest in peace.
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