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  1. Down goes Dayton, 78-68 Arizona. Caleb Love scored 19 for the UofA.
  2. Old Eli takes down Bruce Pearl. Illini fans with long memories endorse.
  3. Brackets busted ... But that's ok given that Kentucky is OUT. A friend in Quincy's wife did pick Oakland, but I do not yet know her basis. Some year's ago, a legal secretary won a law firm's pool by picking each game based upon the ferocity of the mascots.
  4. I saw video from several angles. That looked like a clean block to me, clean as day.
  5. Down goes Kentucky! Brackets be damned. This is long delayed justice.
  6. A10 has earned 4 NCAA Tourney Units, and counting.
  7. Thus, Duquesne earns a second NCAA Unit for itself(75%) and the rest of the A10 (25%). BYU had a good season, but BYU is still really a WCC level team, not Big XII, not yet.
  8. Power 5 overlords literally stole $2M minimum from that ISU-Blue team and its Valley partners. There is no way from here to Pluto that awful Virginia team should have been in the NCAA ahead of Indiana State. That was the very Power 5 conference slotting the Committee claims does not happen. Right, and we'll take bids on the Golden Gate Bridge too.
  9. Trees win 101-92. That was good coaching and a darn good team. Schertz switched to a zone, which slowed down SMU, then the Ponies missed shots. ISU-Blue Offense, when it's clicking looks like poetry in motion. I love the back doors on feeds from Avila. Minnesota at Indiana State this weekend. I'm afraid this is going to take a while, my friends.
  10. Schertz switched to Zone, which is working, has slowed down SMU. ISU is up 2, 7:55 left, SMU shooting FT’s.
  11. Can we rip the refs? This wouldn't be a real GDT without some zebra accountability.
  12. In Peoria, Bradley is smoking Loyola early.
  13. It's 4:14 Pacific on a sunny, blue sky California afternoon, and I'm watching the NIT from Terre Haute, Indiana. This is March Madness!
  14. You have to love it, an SMU @ ISU-Blue NIT Thread here at Billikens.com.
  15. This one (St. John’s, NET 32) along with the snub of Seton Hall (2nd OUT, #1 Seed NIT, albeit with NET of 67) and the promotion of an ACC also ran like Virginia (NET 54, 2nd to last team IN) are Power 5 hits on the +1 Big East to garner that extra, elusive, but lucrative NCAA Tourney unit.
  16. https://x.com/hoyapropaganda/status/1769499307655274785?s=46&t=jikm5nKg-NlIUjy2c9C9zw Does this one really need to be in the form of a question?
  17. A SLU team playing in the A10 with a NET of 28 on Selection Sunday would not be snubbed. The differences in coaching salaries and media market sizes are stark. The errant tweets from Indiana in support of Indiana State notwithstanding, a move from ISU-Blue to SLU is not a “lateral move.”
  18. Another year of Power 5 controlled NCAA Tourney chicanery is in the books. This year's results include: 26 of the 36 NCAA At Large bids went to the Power 5, a whopping 72.2%. When the 2 Big East At Large's are included, the number bulges to 28 of the 36 at large bids, 77.8%. The new Group of 4, Mountain West, A10, AAC and WCC received 8 at large bids, 22.2% of the total, with the Mountain West receiving 5 of those 8 at large bids, and the A10, AAC and WCC receiving 1 at large each. The Big East is outraged by only receiving 2 NCAA At Large bids and 3 NCAA bids overall. St. John's Coach Rick Pitino labled the NET rankings as "fraudulent." St. John's was snubbed despite its NET of 32 and wasn't even in the revealed First Four Out. Juan Bid visited 22 of the 32 conferences, including the #10 Conference NET MVC. The A10 finished #8 in Conference NET. Indiana State was flat out snubbed with its NET of 28, set a new record as the best NET team to be snubbed, yet was only #3 on the 4-team Last Four Out list. That list includes Oklahoma, Seton Hall, Indiana State and Pitt. When the auto bids are counted, an even 50%, 34 of the 68 NCAA bids went to the Power 5 + 1 (Power 6). That number looks a bit too round to be a mere coincidence. There were 5 variances between a pure NCAA NET field and the actual. #28 Indiana State, #32 St. John's, #37 Cincinnati, #40 Pitt, and #41 Villanova were replaced by #44 Washington State, #45 Texas A&M, #51 South Carolina, #53 Northwestern, and #54 Virginia. #32 St. John's, #46 Oklahoma, #69 Washington, #75 Memphis, #90 Ole Miss, and #98 Indiana reportedly refused NIT participation. The A10 has #23 Dayton and #80 Duquesne in the NCAA, and #71 VCU, #73 Richmond, #85 Loyola Chicago and #92 St. Joe's in the NIT. Loyola Chicago plays #57 Bradley in Peoria in a First Round NIT matchup. Bradley is a #3 Seed in the NIT. #1 Seed Indiana State hosts SMU. Both those games are on Wed., 3/20/24 on ESPN+.
  19. Atlantic Ave., 5th Ave. in Brooklyn nearby, Atlantic Ave./Barclays Center Subway Station, the 3rd subway station into Brooklyn on the 4 or 5 Express from Grand Central. McMahon’s Public House, an excellent bar and grill, Ground Zero for SLU in Brooklyn, is nearby
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