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  1. @JoeStrauss: Not that anyone cares, but SLU is poised for its 10th straight cover. #CrushingTheMan
  2. Rick should be in the same tier as Bo Ryan. He has both undervalued in my opinion
  3. ^ this is your best option
  4. http://kenpom.com/blog/index.php/weblog/rick_majerus_awesome_coach/ ^ this
  5. Post: #57RE: things I have learned talking to STL fans about Memphis... I have no doubt Josh can get from concession stand to concession stand far faster than Majerus in a wide open arena concourse; however, if RM clogs up the middle, slows down the pace, and uses his girth to box out effectively, then poor Josh is only going to be left peanut shells and popcorn kernals. Today 04:05 PM ^ this
  6. ^ this Going to have to beat good teams to win the ship regardless of seeding
  7. Post: #9RE: Billikens Fans are Ready to Face Michigan State Alot of white boys on that team....not that there is anything wrong with that! Today 06:43 PM My favorite post on the memphis board
  8. Espn bracket bound is the best college bb app out there
  9. Students heckling X as they leave the court. Section is nearly full and loud an hour before tip
  10. This was done at the school I attended during a one year football revival that took place. The head coach promised if we attended he would personally have shirts made for us if we showed up with spirit. (he wanted to provide beer to help the spirit but thought that would be inappropriate) The AD decided to make a contest and the fraternity and sorority that had the highest attendance and showed the most school spirit received 120 free shirts that they could design. This resulted in by far the biggest display of school spirit the school has seen in years.
  11. http://thechive.com/2012/02/17/basketball-fans-have-made-an-artwork-of-distracting-the-players-34-photos/
  12. I found beef o Brady's has had most the games in Cape Girardeau. Just call ahead and they will check