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  1. Where is Gillmann? Is he hurt or just fell out of favor? Don't see him on the bench.
  2. Any fanfest reports?

    Are there pictures anywhere. Seems like the athletic department would post pictures somewhere for us out-of town fans. One picture of the girls is all I see?
  3. Xavier Looking Like Crap ....

    Are they on TV somewhere? Website says CBS regional but I'm seeing women's game? Not sure what region?
  4. Wednesday

    I see a link to sign up for Billiken TV. Is that where the game will be streamed? There doesn't appear to be a way to sign up. Looks different than last year.
  5. Schedule Update

    Sorry to be out of the loop but who is Cheryl and what is the litigation all about?
  6. Schedule Update

    The press release says "The Billikens have eight games currently slated for television". Does this include home games on Channel 11? Weren't most home games last year carried on Channel 11 locally?
  7. Whitesell to Join Staff

    New to the board ... first post. Just wondering, is Whitesell a done deal? I haven't seen any official annoucement from RM.