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  1. Almost as little plugged in as Frank is. Should be a real dynamic conversation.
  2. +1 This board gets crazier and crazier by the minute
  3. The link I provided was the contract shaka was under when crews signed our contract. I prefer to compare contracts signed at similar times, as it tends to be better for comparison. If you take the time to read the article you will see that his total comp was far beyond 1.5. Bonuses for certain wins and ticket sales, a car, 10k a year for clothes etc. Shaka was certainly making close to double what crews was. Dayton has done an exemplary job keeping archie's current contract details secret. All rumors have him north of 1.5. There is no real point in arguing this since no facts are published but anyone in the know will tell you the same thing here. Not debating Crews did not work out as our head coach. Yes he was in the top 5 of a10 coaches salaries during his tenure here but the fact remains there is s huge gap in A10 coaches salaries and from a dollars perspective he was nowhere near the top. This is a fact unless you consider $650k+ insignificant, he was not compensated near what the top coaches in the a10 have been making in recent years
  4. False
  5. yes - the fact that shaka and archie both make approx double what crews does you can see this is a fact. are those not the schools in the a10 we are comparing ourselves to?
  6. Frank is misinformed.
  7. +1
  8. Not sure it will get to after the selection show before he retires.
  9. I disagree. I have seen zero progress in him over the last year. You'd think he would learn from getting rejected or turning it over EVERY TIME he does the Milik coast-to-coast. But he doesn't. He is a massive defensive liability and a turnover machine. Probably the most talented player on the team but maybe the worst.
  10. I ran into Coach Jensen in the lobby of my hotel this morning. Really bummed he left but it was clearly a good move for him and his career.
  11. You can criticize Crews for how the team looks last year or this year but criticizing that season is ignorant. How many teams won 19 straight games that year? Also, your comment about regressing each game is simply false. There were games that were closer than they should have been and blowouts of good teams mixed in. It was definitely not a consistent decline. The game after Mason taking us to overtime at home we beat St. Joes (the A10 tourney champs) by 16 on the road. Everyone realizes the current state is not great. Bitchin about when times were great is foolish
  12. Tons of red flags during that 19 game win streak, huh?
  13. Beer and food are SIGNIFICANTLY worse this year.
  14. you like those? thank goodness you are not making decisions for our unis then...
  15. It is not as much about the money as it is about giving Crews a legit shot to build the program his way. After the '13 class the program was left in shambles. Ash was the only usable piece remaining at the program. This is a total rebuild of a mid-major which does not happen over night. Intelligent people understand this.