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  1. Lets pay $100 to see a woman beating tough guy piece of and a homophobic beat the piss out of each other. No thank you
  2. I am saving that for the final 4 but I guess one could bring the other
  3. I would delay my moving out of STL for a year the west can wait
  4. http://extramustard.si.com/2014/03/21/dayton-newspaper-front-page-march-madness/
  5. you are correct 1-2 from the line
  6. I dont know why we are all acting like Louisville is THAT great they are good but would only be the 3rd best team we played this year according to my eyes
  7. and the only 5 seed to win today
  8. if Louisville got by a really good Steven F Austin team
  9. I think we might have got a steal he is the best player on his team. his team has the number 1 recruit