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  1. Columbia (Mo) Rock Bridge SG Rickey Kreklow has verbally committed to the Univ. of Missouri per Rivlals.com . Kreklow confirmed his commitment in a telphone call made to Powermizzou Editor Gabe DeArmond
  2. Mike Anderson on FSN

    Missouri has a football progeam....they operate in a BCS conference .....they gets larger funds allocated from TV and post season appearances (but support a larer number of sports programs).......but they also play half their games mid week in a metro area of 125,000 - not 2.5 million..... mpst of its fan base is more than two hours away on a roundtrip for any home game......and they were coming off years of on an off court issues that had turned supporters away in disgust..... I bring this up not to offer "excuses" or a rationale for the turnaround in MU home attendance, but to simply point out the programs have different marketing resources and issues to handle or market around.... MU put fans back in seats (which is different from season ticket sales), when three things occurred.......they won......their kids played with passion and in an attractive style to watch.....their players engaged the fan base..... Now, I'm not saying that is the formula that must be followed...nor am I saying that some of the above has not occured at SLU .......... biut while I agree that SLU could market its product much more effectiviely, that marketing effort becomes much easier when a team wins (and I mean at a high level)......and puts a compelling group of kids n the court that the community as a whole can learn about and interract with....and that the media will invest time to find a myriad of personal storylines....... then RickMa and Mitchell will be as visible as Spoon and Dobbs once were..... and fans will be jostling to find a way into every home game.....
  3. Mizzou's Schedule Might Be Worse

    Both coaches face the same issue.....how to get a whole lot of young players integrated into their respective styles of play....MU is using Canada and the max number of exhibition games..... SOS is no doubt impacted as they reach to find the right opponents early on.....
  4. Just FYI,.... Nebraska has a hard time winning on the road but is tough at home........ Sadler redshirted 4 scholarship players last year, so they are deeper than they first look. ..... They rotated 4 guards - Harvey, Miller, Anderson, and Dagarudo (sp) so stats can be deceiving.....the latter 2 are 2/3 type players.....Anderson effective from outside - a spot up 3 pt player....Dagarudo is a rangy 6'6", long arms, pentrates, rebounds, likes to play at the rim......Harvey was their best player - outside of Maric - in the second half...he is a scorer, avg'd in double figures after a horrible, slow start.... outside of Maric they were a smaller team for the Big XII - they lose a lot in Maric but get bigger overall...... a good match up for the Bills.......but again, they play much better in Lincoln, where crowds are improving... FWIW, I agree that a road win over Nebraska is more impressive than a win over a mid major with a comparable RPI
  5. Sure looked like Tom Timmerman was sitting to Nate's left as both talked to Earl Austin at the press table..... Seems the question would be better posed on stltoday.com
  6. Eshaunte Jones off the board

    Far be for me to say a good word about Lincoln, but you DO realize Jones is from that center of sophistication that is Ft Wayne Indiana? In any case, according to the Omaha rag, he has NOT committed......link below http://www.omaha.com/index.php?u_page=3918...;u_sid=10366203
  7. Eshaunte Jones off the board

    the latter is the operative phrase........schools have slow played or backed off this kid over that concern in any case, good luck with Doc and the bugeaters......
  8. Billiken Elite Camp

    MU has talked to Dressler but has not offered.....he and the Eagles just played in a tournament in Columbia.... To my knowledge the other Rock Bridge kid Kreklow as not been offered either but there is some interest.....Moberly has a 6'6 kid in the same class that is getting some looks.... To my understanding, the only kid MU has offered for 2010 is former Celtic Paul Pressey's son, a PG.....Pressey and Anderson were close at Tulsa... Dressler's a nice player with some skills,.... but I think MU feels others will fit better in their system..... There are some nice players in outstate Missouri.....The guard ftom Glasgow MO, Jay Lee, is playing for KC Pump 'n Run...a very nice team, alongside Micheal Dixon....Lee's very quick...from a small school, this summer will give some indication how well he plays with and against better players... and getting an "in" with Pump 'n Run would help.....along with MoKan Spiece, (Reed) both KC AAU programs have some nice 16's and 17's..... Mike Porter for Sikeston bears watching.......I think he could be similar to Luke Meyer but as a SF....
  9. Just my 2 cents......... I would imagine despite excellent advice is structuring the estate, the two kids are going to be looking at a big tab due the IRS once the estate settles... they either refinance the team (and sell) or sell it sooner than later......taxes will most likely be due within a year...nine mos after estate closes...and Kronke as a minorty owner probably doesn't like that approach to refinance........... The Rosenbloom's own 80%....Kronke owns 20%........brother and sister have to agreeon a strategy, but its drives the value if they do not have a stadium deal in place...prior to the sale.... IMO. it is extremely doubtfull, sufficent funds will be raised via bonds (and dedicated taxes to repay said bonds) to renovate the stadium....meaning the Rams could potentially leave within the decade.....just the scenario Shaw wants for the Rosenbloom kids........ Seems to me what is needed is..... resolution by th Rosenblooms of their strategy...do they NEED to sell?... if so, will Kronke decide to rearange his interests and pursue? To keep local, under new ownership or not, ammass the public support for cutting a deal to keep the team in St Louis.... A power broker needs to emerge form the business or publice side with some real clout......the kind that was seen in the Civic Progress days....of course, lead by the Post Dispatch and its editorial page....as well changes in the business community...they're in short supply..... If nobody steps forward to lead the local effort to cut a new deal for the stadium, new ownership or not, I would bet the Rams exit the community at some point...
  10. Local Prospects

    Good choices V (or STL Hoops Insider).....I'd add these guys should be watched too..... Class of 2009 6' 7" PF Will Kirksey (Lafayette)....probably a mid major....but a strong rebounder...physical player... 6' 8" PF Mike Hoffman (Gibault)....nice all around game 6' 10" PF Will Clark (Summit).....maybe a step slow... (and I wish Parkway West's Jerry Pankey could play the way he does.....but just be 8 inches taller) Class 2010 6' 7" PF Nick Droege (CBC)...may be a tweener 6' 2" SG McPhearson "Mac" Moore (MICDS)....fearless...great shooter... 6' 10" C Meyers Leonard (Robinson IL) ....local AAU player....a definite project...but he's geting looks from high D1s Scott Pohle (Parkway South) will probably play baseball at the next level...and I think you will see Marquis Hill (Trinity) put the pads on Saturdays....perhaps in Columbia, certainly at a BCS school......JMHO Time to get out of the box of the Metro area and look state wide..... I'd look hard at Sikeston's 6'6" Mike Porter, Se Mo's Kona Ealy who plays for the Eagles (but another possible BCS football recruit in 2010) 6'8" Jordan Dressler (2009) from Columbia Rock Bridge.....he is former DeSmet star Mark Dressler's son..... KC area is loaded .....with more than Nino Williams and Mike Dixon for 2009 & 2010
  11. sorry if this information has been posted previously..... JPRock, who reports primarily on prep football, at showmesportsonline.com..... has just posted a story about 6' 3" 2 sport recruit BJ Ray from Waynesville MO......regarding basketball recruiting.... "...And Football isn`t the only sport that Ray is being recruited for. He is also a stand out in basketball and was named All Conference and All District in that sport as well. " I am hearing from SLU,Missouri St. and Wisconsin for basketball. SLU`s coach came by and has talked to me. Missouri St. seems pretty interested and Wisconsin is sending me mail." On how picking a school will be determined in the future? "I will keep my options open right now. Distance isn`t a factor. I am an Army kid so moving isn`t a problem for me. I will pick a school based on my major I want to be in, sports medicine..." here's a link....... http://showmesportsonline.com/bj_ray
  12. Recruiting--What's the latest?

    from Park Hills South....he plays for Spiece Mo Kan All Stars on the AAU circuit......... KC has a number of good players...he's one of them....active, a rebounder, scores inside you're right, he just played well at Lawrence last weekend...
  13. Majerus on 590

    ".....it is clear that RM wants to get us into the Big Ten, somehow...." You wrote ths post with your tongue planted firmly in your cheek, correct? I hope so......... Not only does SLU not have a football program.....SLU does not have the other men's and women's programs required by that conference........ Again, I asume you were joking, but here is not a chance in the world of this even being considered in CHicago.....
  14. I would disagee.....the NCAA in wrting, on its site, and via phone, makes itself available ....they have an aggressive outreach - so parents and adult guardians know what is required for student athletes.....whether the adults involved made a wrong decision or simply did not avail themselves to this info. may have happened....people make mistakes....but to say the NCAA "bushwacked" them...or didn't have the athlete in mind is more than a stretch...its simply incorrect.....the NCAA always had issues whether the methods used in both schools provided the core requirements set by the NCAA..... Here is the link to the NCAA press release noting the same...... Note the following..... "...Students currently enrolled in Milestone Christian Academy and Nashville Christian Advancement Academy must have their individual academic records reviewed to be considered in the initial eligibility process. A determination will be made regarding their NCAA initial eligibility status based on this review of their individual academic record...." Link: http://www.ncaa.org/wps/portal/!ut/p/k...review_rls.html
  15. Harrellson To UK

    Rivals.com is reporting his commitment to UK.........