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  1. Proof Irons doesnt recruit

    That kid can play from Beaumont. He is definetly a sleeper in the area.
  2. Where is Marque Perry these days?

    Does anyone have a european basketball website?
  3. Where is marque perry playing these days?
  4. My Postgame Thoughts

    It's time.. NCAA or bust was the motto this year. Why should we keep this guy. They won't be better next year and he can't recruit anybody that will make us NCAA tourney caliber.. If this team was in the old C-USA we would have won 5 coference games. They are a lost cause with him at the helm. What make you think things will change with this staff. GW was way way more talented than us and this was supposed to be our GREAT YEAR!!!! Please end this joke of a coaching staff PLEASE!!
  5. Dayton game and observations

    SLU.. and Soderberg just can't get it done. They beat Lasalle, Richmond and Dayton at home and everyone thinks they should get some sort of pass. They lose to every quality opponent!!! Slu is 8-8 in a BAD CONFERENCE!!! They have nothing to get excited about on the recruiting front at all. They are 17-11 against D1 teams and this was supposed to be their year!! I don't understand how anybody can say that SLU has been succesful this year. They don't play any of their recruiting class this year and the players they do have are at best ok. People will say that they don't have the budget to win.. They have one of the top 3 budgets in the A-10. Their needs to be a change please!!!
  6. Exactly. How long does he is a good guy and represents the school well work?
  7. Brad is up is his room going over tape he says.. Let me save him some time and trouble... YOU ARE LAZY AND YOU HAVE NOT RECRUITED ANYONE!!! YOU HAVE NO DEPTH!! Even if he makes a miracoulous recovery and makes the tournament this year, he has nothing for the following seasons. There is nothing left to work with and with his non existent personality I don't see us landing anyone worth while. Officially off the bandwagon!!
  8. Post Disgrace

    They lost by thirty six!! The beat Lamar and LA Tech in the other two games. Should Bernie or anybody write about anything positive. Just a reminder they only scored thirty three points and lost by THIRTY SIX!! That is about as embarrasing as it gets. They looked like the JV scrimmaging the Varsity.
  9. Hardball Call Out!

    Hardball.. Great Post Excellent points.. The Larry Hughes issue is what I would like to point out. I heard that before last season Devin Crosby tried to bring Larry Hughes back into the program. He had Chris Sloan set up a meeting with Justin Tatum, John Redden and Larry. The issue was not that Larry didn't want to be back in the program, but that Justin and John didn't like Romar and felt as if SLU neglected Justin after his knee injury. So therefore, Larry wanted nothing to do with the program. So Devin and Chris have this meeting at Joe Boccardi's with the greatest asset SLU has and BRAD DIDN'T SHOW UP. I know some of you will make some excuse for him, but there shouldn't be any reason to miss that meeting.
  10. Visit

    I apologize for posting a white guard. I didn't mean for it to come off that way. It just seems that SLU's roster consists of more white guys than any other Division 1 program. Not that white guys can't compete at this level but, it seems that Brad and his staff are more comfortable recruiting and signing white players. Brad's background in recruiting at Wisconsin he has consistently recruited white players. I think that he doesn't communicate well or has a staff that can communicate well with the african american community. I'm just bothered by the fact that we always seem to get the "other" guy or the "fall back" because the staff seems to not want to battle for the tougher harder to get recruit. SIU for example has already signed their class for next year and we only seem to get mentioned as a possibility for recruits. I'm tired of watching mediocre teams at SLU and just want more out of SLU. A few years ago if a recruit from this area was down to SIU or SLU, SLU would win hands down. Now in the it's not that way,i.e.(Matt Shaw and Jamal Tatum.)
  11. Visit

    Just what we need another 6'1" white guard. I think he is answer to all of our recruiting needs.
  12. Recruiting

    Why are we always behind in recruiting? We never get any early commitments it seems.