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  1. OT- Restaurants around Chaifetz

    thanks for the help... we are gonna give Vitos a shot. Menu looks good and it looks like it is pretty close to Chaifetz....would I be better off parking at Vitos and walking to Chaifetz or vice versa?
  2. We are going to the concert tonight at Chaifetz and need to get something to eat beforehand....any recommendations? Doesn't have to be super fancy or any specific type of food. My wife is pregnant though so it can't be too smoky. Thanks!
  3. Career Academy wins 115-111 in five overtimes, Missouri State recruit Jerome James scores 65! It was a crazy crazy game.
  4. Official SLU vs. SMS Game Thread

    not looking good
  5. Official SLU vs. SMS Game Thread

    keep us updated im on my cell phone...
  6. what was your opinion on jerome jones nate? do you think he is a possible recruit for SLU?

    so i take it that damion smith transferred to career academy?
  8. How did chris stokes look?
  9. All star game....

    when will the all star game be on charter??
  10. the streets

    How exactly would that be good news OJ?
  11. Kyle Kirk's "little" brother

    Nate, This news that we will be hearing about soon, will it affect the team for next year or in the future?
  12. What is your opinion of Jerome Jones from Miller Career Academy... I saw him a couple of times this year and came away impressed...what do you guys think?
  13. I sent Earl an email last year when they announced this team, just asking why there were no white players on the team and why is that? I asked him why doesnt he just call it the STL American Fab Five Black Boys Team, I got no response. Im not racist, but if this were the other way around it would be considered racist.