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  1. we're # 6!

    My alma mater, Army, has been included in the "Bottom Ten" for the better part of two years in both Football and Basketball. I'm not even sure why Army dropped off after going 0-for this past week? I guess I should be happy... A-Bomb-you're a hard man to find...nice win by Auburn.
  2. Anyone Have 2 ORU Tix for Sale?

    What's up kid? How's "train'n" going? I hoped I would see you on the board. I couldn't have imagined a worse sports year in my entire life. Mizzou football/basketball, Cowboys, and Army all suck. I'm holding out for Army/Navy...but it's not looking good. Hope all is well. b
  3. Interesting...

    Gary I'm sure has the same opinion about the Iraqi pictures as the Boone County scandal...disgusted. The article is pretty funny. But to be honest, I don't know who to believe. The media made all sorts of allegations, when in reality there were only relatively minor infractions. Seemed like alot of hot air from the media, a crack-head ex player, and a bunch of crazy wives.....we'll never know. However, all of the minor violations do add up and point to a clear lack of "institutional control"--nobody seemed to have a firm grip of the situation from the AD down. I'm not sure how the NCAA didn't gig us for that. Hey! All I know is that the only West Pointer on the MU staff still has a job---so I'm sure he had nothing to do with anything ) Holla!
  4. Interesting...

    http://sportsline.com/collegebasketball/story/7324768 A-bomb-you out there? Haven't been over here/heard from you in awhile. A guy came asking questions about you yesterday....I had nothing but good things to say )
  5. ok now it is getting crazy

    I doubt I'd show up to tomorrow's class.....just a hunch. Right or wrong-that's the fact.
  6. OSU knocks off St. Joes

    So there you go. By the way, Oklahoma sports rule.
  7. OSU knocks off St. Joes

    St.Joe earned my respect tonight as well as the A-10 in general. Xavier sent Texas packing and has a great shot against Duke tomorrow. Let's just hope Reddick doesn't get hot. Big XII proved their worth once again in the tournament. I think they'll end up with two teams in the Final Four...again. The BigXII receiving 4 bids was a complete joke. So far BigXII teams are 10-2 in the tourney. Bottom line, Colorado deserved a bid with a 10-6 record and 4th place in the conference. Go Pokes!
  8. Eustachy in the C-USA

    which just seemed to escalate during the end of his coaching tenure at Iowa State. He resigned because of it and got help immediately after. From all public accounts (I think I remember an SI article) he's well on the way to recovery. I think the man deserves a second chance in coaching. And by the way, from what I've seen, he's a DAMN good coach. If he didn't have so much baggage I wish he'd go to Mizzou (we can't handle anymore). He's got more BigXII championships than any active BigXII coach and was one rigged game against (i believe duke) from the Final 4. Hampton's happen--many wish they were a 2 seed in the NCAA tourney....
  9. NIT Bracket it up

    with some ghetto-ass bracket initially leaving off their opponent. WOW! The Tigers have hit a whole new low. It's been a long season for me. I need a drink. Go Air Force!!
  10. Never Been To Big Dance...

    Maybe Army can land Robert Whaley and Randy Pulley for next year??? ) By the way, I would make a terrible coach. I'd spend too much time with the cheerleaders....
  11. Never Been To Big Dance...

    As a USMA grad I feel compelled to respond: The academic requirements usually doom USMA from fielding any competitive major sport teams. However, that excuse runs thin when I see Air Force playing hoops so well this year--not to mention their outstanding football program. I wish we'd just give up the facade of competing in Big Name college conferences (Conf USA etc.) and join the Ivy....with all the other nerds. Oh well. Go Army-Beat Navy!
  12. Memphis-Mizzou...

    Sure, Memphis is an extremely athletic team-but so was Arizona. SLU needs to slow the pace of the game down, play good perimeter defense, and try to establish some post play on offense. If they do that, they'll be close throughout and have a strong chance of winning. Whatever you do, don't try to run with them on offense or play sloppy defense...as clearly demonstrated today by the "fighting" missouri tigers,
  13. Memphis-Mizzou...

    It physically pains me to watch this team play. I've never seen such a disorganized bunch of individual players. I hope Quin has his annual February/March turnaround...because at this point Mizzou is not a tourney team. I'm beginning to think that NCAA probation and a new coach wouldn't be the end of the world ) By the way, I think SLU is going to kill Memphis. Calipari is just as terrible of a bench coach as Quin is. Good luck!
  14. Even if you hate MU...

    but I'm going to use all the excuses I can get ) Bottomline-great game today...Zags a very strong team. Do you post on the Tigerboard. Its hard to talk any Mizzou basketball anywhere with the "scandal" going on now.
  15. Even if you hate MU...

    this year with a few tough away games.