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More from KC on Mizzou (Looks bad!)

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Once again, I echo what Willie said.

thicks, wasn't Mizzou recruiting Clemons in the spring of `02, even though he had dropped out of school at his JUCO? If so, that is sleazy, IMO.

By their actions, they weren't interested in this kid's well-being, his education or his future. They say him as a point guard they desparately needed. The gamble blew up in their face.

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The seems to be a lot of wishful thinking that the potential of MU going on probation will cripple the basketball program. History simply doesn't support that belief.

Between 1/93 and 10/01, 16 schools from major conferences committed major violations as defined by the NCAA (Louisville was charged twice). Of those 16 schools, only Baylor did not make an NCAA tournament appearance between 1998 and 2003, and only DePaul made one tourney appearance. In total, those schools made 44 NCAA appearance during the 6 years that I looked at. The conclusion seems pretty obvious to me. Probation is not the abyss that many apparently believe.

All of this information is from the NCAA web site.

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