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ACC eyes Notre Dame


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The ACC voting to go to 11 seemed odd to me. If you need 12 teams for a football playoff and 11 presents scheduling problems ... why? This quote from USAToday makes sense:

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel quoted an unnamed ACC president as saying the league still could expand to 12. "What we've done is send a clear signal to Notre Dame," said the president who didn't want to be identified. "We left a spot open for them, and we hope that some time in the next year, there will be conversations about them joining the conference."


What transpires tomorrow will be interesting. I can only assume Miami will accept the ACC invitation and not go back to the BE after lawsuit and all the public naming calling. You would think that the ACC will not stand pat at 11 but, rather, soon go to 12 and a current member of the BE would be the 12th.

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Interesting quote .... but I can't see the Irish being the ones coming to the "Atlantic Coast Conference." To me, anything above the Mason/Dixon line seems really to be stretching it for the ACC. To me, VaTech always made more sense than Syracuse or BC but then again I never thought I see Penn State in the Big Ten. Miami makes it 11 and I happen to for some reason believe that Louisville would be the twelfth.

I can't see Notre Dame trading in Michigan, USC, Nebraska, Stanford or BC for the likes of Wake, Duke, Maryland and Clemson. Or giving up their national affiliate ... NBC ... the Notredame Broadcasting Company and all the bucks and national prestige that brings. It also makes ABC, CBS and ESPN bid ungodly sums to get the Irish on their network when they leave the confines of South Bend and NBC.

Miami makes sense, so does VaTech. I think the next step is the UofL. My vote.

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Agree with you Tag. I don't see ND in the ACC--not a geographic fit and it doesn't improve their football situation. Given what ND pulls down from NBC, I don't see how the ACC could come up with enough money to buy them. You might be right about Louisville as the 12th but it is a very interesting situation. The chance of going to the ACC as the 12th just might make Louisville hold tight for a year (insteading jumping at an offer to go to the BE immediately) and see how this thing plays out.

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The "leaving a spot open for Notre Dame" is pure damage control from the ACC. Notre Dame has already recieved and turned down much better offers.

Here is what happened in the ACC:

Let's start with 8 of the 9 ACC teams in favor of some sort of expansion. Only North Carolina was not in favor of any expansion but only 5 teams accepted ALL expansion iterations. Expansion needed 7 votes. Duke was ONLY in favor of expanding with Miami and voted against all other expansions. Virginia was only in favor of expansion that included Virginia Tech after their purse strings were pulled by their Governor. This is why it looked like that Miami, VPI, and EITHER BC or Syracuse would get in (this is what I posted before the vote/announcement). 13 had been determined as too much of a cash split.

The surprise came because NC State (that had always supported a BC, Cuse, Canes expansion) decided for unknown reason that including just one of BC/Cuse would make no sense.

Miami is upset because they wanted to bring BC and Syracuse with them for better competition outside of FSU (not VPI). They will announce their decision later today but will likely be pro ACC.

I agree that the ACC will expand once again to get to 12 but who that will be will depend on all the other realignment talk. It is likely to be a busy year in that area. As said here, time likely helps SLU because some of the hasty proposals mentioned left them out.

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