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Should we go after Polk now?

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Now that Shaw is out of the picture, should we go after Brandon Polk from the JUCO ranks? I know he was/is supposed to visit, so we must have some interest in him. I looked up his stats though and he's always listed as a SF. I thought he was a PF? It would be nice to have someone graduate in 2006 along with Drejaj and Polk sounds pretty athletic, so should we go after him or just wait to see who's available in the spring?

"Praises we sing, to you our alma mater,

Praise to the white and blue.

Our hymn shall ring, in tribute strong to you,

We hail Saint Louis U."

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Another possible JUCO name is Dustin Villepigue(6-9 pf-Simi Valley or Dixie State)He went to Gonzaga,redshirted,then went JUCO.Seems his name is familial,maybe Lorenzo had SLU a finalist for him out of high school.Lindy`s has him the 6th best JUCO pf. About Polk,one publication said,he came of the bench to average 11 last season for 32-3 team.

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