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Big East reality vs. Big East speculation

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I don't think anybody was expecting this proposal:

"Gavitt's plan calls for a Big East confederation, two leagues under one flag with Tranghese acting as commissioner.

Gavitt's plan calls for a Big East confederation, two leagues under one flag with Tranghese acting as commissioner.

Under Gavitt's plan, there would be one eight-team, all-sports league made up of the five remaining football schools - Virginia Tech, Pitt, West Virginia, Rutgers, Connecticut - and Louisville, Temple and Central Florida.

The second eight-team league would have the six remaining non-football Catholic schools - St.John's, Seton Hall, Villanova, Georgetown, Providence and Notre Dame - and two other additions - DePaul, Marquette, Dayton or Xavier."


My thoughts: Under this scenario Louisville, Marquette and Xavier would most likely join the The Big East megaconference. CUSA could add Tulsa and Creighton and business would continue as usual. Interesting.

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While this is a pretty plausible scenario (keep the remaining Big East and use "divide and conquer" on the A-10 and CUSA) because the incentives are right for the most powerful players in this story, it is hardly "reality".

Tranghese is a severely weakened commisioner thanks to former NC State AD Les Robinson's revelations that Tranghese was shopping Big East schools to the ACC three years ago. Although the fact that this new proposal was put forth by Gavitt lends it more weight.

Also, this proposal hurts C-USA and SLU even if Louisville is the only one to leave (I currently believe that Marquette and DePaul will remain loyal to SLU and Charlotte--but I have been proven to be naive in the past).

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How do you interpret this statement at the end of the article. I think he is saying he wants to broaden the range of teams in their league and would be in favor of the so-called Catholic league along with Georgetown and Villanova. If so, that would be pretty good support for a new league. How would you interpret the statement?

"At one point, there was the thought that the remaining footballs and basketballs would simply break away and the Catholic schools would form their own all-Catholic league.

But ADs at the Catholic schools seemed divided as to whether to take a financial risk to expand to the Midwest or become a Northeast corridor bus league, much like the MAAC.

Wegrzyn made it clear where St. John's stands on the issue.

"I think Villanova views itself as a national school, Georgetown views itself as a national school and we definitely are committed to having a national presence," he said.

"We want to play at the highest level." "

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