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Midtown Madness: S3E18 Drake Win a Turning Point?; Travis Ford Candid on Handling Perkins; Kent Miller Out as Volleyball Coach; Gifts for the Billiken Fan Who Has Everything


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Season 3 of the Midtown Madness Podcast is brought to you by Two Men and a Garden! That’s right they are fueling this podcast with not only delicious pickles, but salsas and most recently Harissa sauce. They are the real deal! Their products are delicious and more importantly local to St. Louis. You can pick up their many products at any local grocery stores or online where they ship nationwide!




On This Episode

  • Men’s Basketball
    • 8 Minute Turning Point?
    • Coach gets candid about his handling of Javonte Perkins
    • Travis Ford's sideline demeanor, does it affect the team?
    • Billiken Trivia - Drawing a Crowd
    • Around the A10
    • SIUE Preview
    • Women’s Basketball
      • Memphis Review
      • Baseball and Softball Switch to Nike
      • Billiken Fan's Holiday Wish List
      • What to get the Billiken Fan in your life.

🐦 https://twitter.com/MidtownMadPod


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