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Nesbitt’s a high light film


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2 hours ago, Aquinas said:

Do we have evidence that Nesbitt is an average or above 3 point shooter? His high-school percentage was like 25%. He shot 71 percent from the free throw line, which is about average. I would like to know what his AAU 3 point percentage was. Personally, I will be very happy if he can shoot the NCAA Div 1 average of 33%, but I'm not expecting that in year one.

This might not count as evidence you’re looking for, but I saw Nesbitt play in a holiday tournament his junior year where he went 6-9 from deep. One of the better shooting displays I’ve seen from a player that age. He’s a much better shooter than Goodwin, Thatch, Yuri, or Hargrove where when I saw them play at the same age.

I doubt the 25% figure you’re citing is correct (which is probably more of a result of the stats database not being strong; not blaming you).

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