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  1. Just now, billiken_roy said:

    fans must not have liked the shirts.   wife and i left with 8 various sizes.  could have had 28.   must have been dayton fans that didnt want a souvenier.  oh well stocking stuffers for my kids and grandkids.   loved that i got a few mediums and smalls.   not just large and xl's like usual.   

    i love the shirt.  

    what a crowd.  particularly the students.   and for the record, i dont think a one of the students left early and they were awesome the entire game.   

    Band was great, too. 😉

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  2. 1 minute ago, thatskablamo said:

    It looked like Janet Oberle was the one that came over to sort/sift things through. I hope she wasn’t the bearer of the bad news, but if RC was in the house, wouldn’t he have the final say? It’s his arena.

    I heard they basically just removed him from the situation, he was seen having a drink at Lorenzini's minutes later. I can understand that they didn't want a brawl breaking out, lol.

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  3. 21 minutes ago, bauman said:

    I hope there isn't a food giveaway or if there is, that you get it as you leave the building, once the game is over.  I am so sick of seeing the student section filled at the beginning of games only to lose at least half of the students at halftime.  It really hacks me off, especially at the games where student athletes are honored at halftime and immediately leave. 

    I always wonder how our student engagement compares to other schools of similar size and D1 success. I always see the core group of SLUnatics and some die hards at every game, but you'd think because we're known as a basketball (also soccer) school, you'd see more consistent student engagement swayed by spirit and not giveaways (which I loved as a student, but wasn't a selling point).

  4. Just now, Littlebill said:

    All time bad idea LOL


    I picked up a Brett Jolly kit on ebay a couple weeks back. My most prized possession

    Haell yeah, brother! 😎 Seriously I would take a throwback night with the beauty above, we could have it the game where they have the men's alumni back.

  5. 1 hour ago, The Wiz said:

    If I would have told the computer (even before yesterday's VCU game) that Dav was 25th ITN, it would have started laughing.  I am sure after the VCU game , it is having a chuckle.

    Do you ever give the computer a cookie if it gets the spread exactly correct?

  6. 14 minutes ago, slufanskip said:

    How come we only have half the pages in this thread at the end of the game as we had Thursday? 

    Felt like the attendance today was more than the last few games. Maybe we need a thread on board attendance issues? 😁

  7. 36 minutes ago, Old guy said:

     Were the comments made by Ford after the game the way to handle this loss? Not long ago, a loud argument between Ford and Hargrove was mentioned. I do not like the way things are going with Team Blue.

    I don't like that I'm hearing about and reading things like this after nearly EVERY loss. 

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