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  1. Big East expansion will happen under one or both of the following conditions; When the Big East renegotiates its TV contract with FOX (2023 I believe), if they demand more content, expansion will happen. Most power conferences are turning to 20 game conference schedules so as to guarantee "x" amount of quad 1,2 etc. type contests in order to boost their own conference teams NCAA Tournament resumes. Believe me when I tell you that the Big East coaches LOVE the round robin format, and said format would still be viable if a single team was added to the conference, resulting in a 20 game round robin. Currently, the Big East essentially has a 20 game P5 round robin with their current 18 game conf schedule along with the Gavitt games (Big 10) and the Big East/BIg 12 Challenge. As the TV renegotions are set to happen in the the next few years for the Big East, a flavor of the month (2-3 year run) could indeed ****** that coveted expansion spot, if expansion is indeed on the docket. SLU easily possesses the academic pedigree, the Chaifetz Arena is one of the best facilities in D1, St Louis is a MAJOR/bad ass city (no one would care if they utilized Dayton as a tactical nuke testing site) NCAA tourney bids, and possibly a run in the the next few years, would make all the difference. SLU checks all the boxes except consistent performance on the court(AND THAT MATTERS). I, and many other BIg East fans, would love nothing more than if expansion were to occur, that SLU would be the CHOICE. These next 3 years are CRITICAL. PS I played college tennis, and we were in St Louis during Mardi Gras week. HOLY SH$T, in my opinion that "Party" should allow SLU'S immediate entry into the Big East.
  2. Xavier fan here and my apologies for the intrusion. I'm sure you've heard expansion rumors in regards to the Big East, and that St Louis is one of the potential candidates. I think I speak for the majority (if not ALL X fans) that if expansion does indeed occur, we would prefer St Louis, especially in place of those delusional hilljacks just north of us (UD). The on court performance over these next few years could make or break a potential candidate. How do you guys see your Billikens performing over the next few years (# of NCAA bids?) Here's hoping you guys tear it up.
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