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  1. I've never had faith in Jim Crews. He was an uninspiring hire from the AD, and now the chickens are coming home to roost. I am grateful for Majerus. He showed me what I always believed. A competent coach can make SLU a very respectable basketball program. Back to the dark ages for SLU, but I remain happy as I clinch to the 3-year run our little program had under proper leadership. RIP Majerus & the program he built.
  2. When you go 3-15 in the A10.... Starting a conversation around termination is justified.
  3. i knew crews sucked. no one wanted to hear it because we were winning with majerus' players. the chickens come home to roost.
  4. great win by the bills!!!!!! so proud lol 2-7
  5. hah, actually eating red baron pizza. how's your sister?
  6. what i am saying is: 1) I am glad manning is not playing because his god awful play melts my face. 2) It has nothing to do with why he's not playing. stop making red herrings. stop taking your personal anger out on us.
  7. what's funny is manning's lack of growth over the past 4 years. he looks just as lost as he did when he first arrived.
  8. this group of clowns don't deserve class..... 1-7 in conference play? please.......
  9. crews sucks. he's undoing everything majerus built. back to the dark ages for slu... don't worry, brad soderberg is there to welcome us back!
  10. lol, hope you enjoy your miserable life in the mid west.
  11. slu is chalk full of scrubs. jim crews is an awful coach. back to the dark ages goes slu!
  12. lol this SLU team blows. not worth anyone's time.
  13. connected friend: "tatum is seriously considering SLU". (he emailed me this info last week) he's been pretty accurate in the past. way more connected to the NBA, but has strings to CBB (especially in the midwest). take it for what it's worth.. just thought i'd share.
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