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  1. Looking forward to hearing thoughts on how the transfers look. Granted, it's practice, but will be fun/interesting to read everyone's thoughts.
  2. https://www.foxsportsgo.com/program/154622/massachusetts-at-saint-louis
  3. well that was a pathetic showing in the second half. looks like they learned to play for 38 minutes instead of the whole 40....
  4. yet when zeke gets hit on the arm during a 3 pointer, it doesnt get called. ref was staring right at it on the replay.
  5. and then Gillmann with the off the ball foul while ball state is shooting.... ugh take him out to pasture
  6. RA made two free throws! never thought i'd see the day
  7. The WIZ had us possibly winning with 11 or less turnovers. already at 11 at Halftime. Count this as a loss. 5-13 from the FREE Throw line. I can shoot better than that from 3.
  8. it's a nice excuse, but any half decent team/players would be able to do better than down 24 at half.
  9. He must be horrible at basketball. I honestly don't understand how you can be so bad when he played a lot last year.
  10. Remember when some people on this board thought this would be a close game or a win...
  11. RA was never any good against competition. against lesser talent, sure, but equal or better he tends to look like a newb to the game of basketball
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