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  1. Stop turning it over, Bills. Carr is good. Bad guys 3-5 from the arc.
  2. Great news, I've just purchased a domain for backhandtherican. Go to www.tiresometroll.com and you can set fire to whatever you want there!!
  3. Does backhandtherican have to entertain us each time with his tiresome insults to The Wiz? I'll be happy to start another board for the troll so he can entertain itself there. Just let me know and I'll send you the address.
  4. Bad post. Both 6'3, both great defenders, Thatch has a reported 46" vertical, has decent shooting form. Before his illness, the coaches figured he would be the leading scorer last year. The post was no knock on JGood, he's a junkyard dog who has made himself into an excellent player. Among other things, his anticipation and positioning for rebounding is amazing. From a size and athleticism standpoint, I don't see any reason why Thatch can't be a similar player to what JGood has become, especially if he has three more seasons to develop his game. It's just speculation based on potential. T
  5. It's a future projection based on his potential. Don't get your panties in a wad over silly crap like that.
  6. Some Billiken related scores from the day: Indiana State 77 - Ball State 67 N.C. State 69 - Campbell 50 Dayton 65 - Ole Miss 62 St. Bonnie 77 - Hofstra 69 LaSalle 71 - Delaware 61 Charlotte 76 - N.C. A&T 72 (Good since Charlotte beat Davidson 63-52) St. Joe Villanova - Not looking for much here.
  7. LaSalle playing Delaware at the Gola Pickleball Court and Rec Center. They just went on a 17-3 run and lead by 10 with 2:30 to go. I don't recognize a single player from last year's team.
  8. I think that was misinformation that got circulated. Until I saw that last year, I'd never heard it before.
  9. I can see a lot of Goodwin in Thatch, and although he hasn't shown it yet, I think he can become a more reliable shooter. JGood has improved his shooting and hit some big threes but, to this point, is still a streak shooter. Thatch has all the same tools and might be a better scorer.
  10. The Fighting Luke Garzas are ready to cut this to 10 at the under 8.
  11. Hope we're as good as #12 Wisconsin. They're torching Louisville 39-15 with 3 to go in the first half in the final game of the ACC-Big Ten challenge.
  12. Thought this was interesting. Our upcoming opponent, UMKC, plays a twi-night doubleheader today. That's right, they have a Noon game vs. Kansas Christian, and follow that with a 5pm game against the same opponent. Also, it's Kansas Christian's first game(s) against a D-1 opponent. 2020, what else can happen? Want an early scouting report on UMKC? Watch here: https://kcroos.com/watch/?Live=92&type=Live
  13. Knock off the Gophers and the Billiken rocket ship zooms up the rankings. Top 10 here we come.
  14. Some Friday scores of note: SIUE grounds Morehead State - 69-65 Richmond crawls past Loyola - 75-73 and Davidson rams past Rhody - 67-58 as Carter Collins pours in 22 on 8-14 shooting. Davidson has five solid starters and almost no depth. Collins, Grady, and HJ Lee combined for 49.
  15. Didn't know that although I wondered by the last name if there was a connection.
  16. I came here to argue, b!tch, and moan about your rankings. Isn't that what college basketball fans do when a Top 25 list is released? Seriously though, solid list. I don't like being overly optimistic about things as it always seems to lead to disappointment, but there's a lot to like about our 18th ranked Bills.
  17. Good review of the game found here: https://bustingbrackets.com/2020/12/18/saint-louis-basketball-3-takeaways-billikens-big-win-nc-state/ Solid write-up in the Yuri section. The author, Caleb Hightower, knows our team pretty well. Good to see.
  18. Here's a dominant stretch of basketball which brought us the win. Taking out the last two possessions with the questionable traveling call and intentional clock violation, over the previous 21 possessions, the Bills scored 32 points on 11-16 shooting, 2-5 arc, 8-12 from the stripe, with only one turnover. That's a ppp of 1.52 on 69% from the floor, and a turnover rate of 4.8%. Even better, 2 of the missed FG attempts led to offensive stickbacks, and JGood's turnover was immediately redeemed by his blocked shot and rebound which led to 2 FTs and a 60-58 lead. Despite all that good play, it
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