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  1. I couldn't agree more. I still don't get this "street agent" thing. Does having an "intermediary" create an agency relationship? I do still hold UNLV somewhat culpable in this. UNLV had communications with an "intermediary," despite the fact that Tommie is still obligated under of LOI. Now, had UNLV said we'd love to talk to Tommie, but he is currently under a LOI, so we will wait until that LOI is no longer valid-- well this would be the high road. Instead, this fine institution of higher education chose to deal with an individual who had no express or apparent authority to make any d
  2. Is there any action that can be taken against this Lewis person(although, I guess given his father's history I suppose not)? I just find it remarkable that the NCAA can blindly allow the kind of contact that is seemingly going on at these organized events without imposing some type of rules. While I'm not usually for adding any kind of beauracracy, kids like this have to somehow be guarded against being put into this kind of situation. These kids are basically away from home and are apparently tempted by these slimy street agents who pimp these kids for their own gain. The saddest part is
  3. I believe that is because his head is half empty.
  4. I don't quite understand how this "street agent" stuff works, but it sure seems to present at the least a questionable situation for the recruit. Is this "contact" allowed by the NCAA? How does a kid from East St. Louis end up on a Chicago AAU team OR Detroit AAU team, etc. Who foots the bills for a kid to live and/or train in Chicago or Detroit or place? I'm all for a kid who is able to better his or her place in the grand fish pond of life, but this whole arrangement seems to give way too much opportunity for undue influence by "shady" characters. I certainly hope Tommie at least consid
  5. Who exactly is Lewis? My apologies if this is asked and answered already. Does he have some coaching relationship with the young man or is he a "hanger on" type that attempts to garner financial advantage from someone else's talent? My only hope is that Tommie makes an informed decision in whatever he decides-- and also that he waits to actually make a decision until he's carefully considered his options. To this end, he should certainly heed the advice of his parents, as well as somone such as Jalensdad, who appears to have Tommie's overall well-being in consideration. It is discouraging
  6. As to your comment that Kerry is a centrist- this is the first time I've seen anyone refer to Kerry as a centrist or moderate. In fact, some commentators are questioning whether the Democratic party is going from the more moderate policies of Clinton/Gore (conservative fiscal/liberal moral) back to a more left wing base. After all, Kerry voted with Ted Kennedy on key votes 94% of the time. Hardly indicative of a moderate. Of course, I am not advocating the complete elimination of the public sector funding. We can't simply assume more money will solve all of our problems. Education is o
  7. Absolutely my position as well. I see abortion as nothing more than infanticide. Abortion is completely about selfishness, which appears to be a trait upon which our society is more completely based. The "mother" doesn't want to be burdened with a child. Where is the difference between a baby in the mother's womb and a three year old? I guess it's what we can't really see-- somehow not really seeing a baby makes killing it okay. How hypocritical is it that Hollywood every year shows "It's a Wonderful Life" as a supposed Classic? Hollywood doesn't mind hypocrisy, certainly not at the exp
  8. It appears that many people are short sighted and memory challenged. IMHO Bush acted prudently. The only question really is whether something could have been done, after we took control of Iraq, to better facilitate the restoration of an independent Iraqi government. While eveyone seems to be an armchair quarterback and suggest Bush and the administration screwed up the post war installation, no one has given precisely what plan they would have followed that would have been much better than what has been done. So, Bush has aggressively addressed terrorism, his administration's policies a
  9. Beautiful retort. First criticizing someone for labels and then similarly throwing labels about on your own. Ah, hypocrisy, I'm glad to see it's in full bloom. Things are sure horrible-- check this out: http://www.stltoday.com/stltoday/business/...ar+in+2+decades If Daschle and his followers will appoint conferees so the new tax legislation gets passed (repatriation provision), there will be an influx of cash in the US to be spent on US investment. Do you think that will further bolster the economy? You don't think Daschle would intentionally "kink the hose" of the economy until afte
  10. I don't think you'll get much argument that Bush isn't the greatest orator we've seen. At the same time, you'll note how the press and media types have a field day with conservatives who slip up in speaking or spelling for that matter (Quayle). I find it somewhat hard to believe that the Republicans are the only ones who sometimes find shoe leather in their mouths.
  11. The US economy is more akin to an ocean liner than a speed boat. It takes time for whatever is implemented to come to light. This is precisely what we saw with Reagan, as you've noted. We will also see this with the current president. Actually, I am surprised at how well the domestic economy has held up given the attitudes that have been rampant since the Sept. 11 attacks. We have calls from people to retrench and be isolationists, and others who constantly cry that we are hated by everyone. Nevertheless, our economy continues to grow and consumer confidence is also growing. US companie
  12. I, too, applaud your response. Hollywood and its progeny of moral liberals are working feverishly to replace Bush with someone who is willing to waive a magic wand and move reality one step closer to the warped fiction in which these people live. Imaginative gender- no problem. Is Barbara Streisand really concerned about the poor? I don't see her using her wealth to house and feed the needy. By the way, USA Today article on economic corporate growth http://www.usatoday.com/money/economy/2004-06-28-signs_x.htm
  13. Excellent synopsis of the economics. I certainly hope that AJ and others can successfully recover from whatever brain cramp they encounter from digesting your post. As a fiscal AND moral conservative, I have to say that I am somewhat saddened by those who hold to the liberal cloak from the moral side rather than the fiscal side. I can understand a policy of big government to support expanded social programs for the needy (however I don't necessarily agree that this is the right way to take care of the needy and I don't like bigger government). I can in no way fathom a tenable argument for
  14. Your post is a breath of fresh air. The general population is more short sighted than I would have thought possible, particularly after the terrorist activity that took place here. Bush had a no win situation. If he failed to take out Hussein and something would have come from the Soviet intelligence, he would be even more criticized than he is now. Why is it that Bush's morally conservative policies are those for which he is most criticized (particularly here on a discussion board where many subscribe to the Roman Catholic tenants)? I understand why he is hated by Hollywood, but why by
  15. As far as I'm concerned, gas prices are low on the list of worries right now. I would agree that the Republicans have done a poor job of communicating and marketing their position. Bush is clearly not an orator and perhaps that's why we get less dialogue than say a Clinton. I'll say at the outset that I find myself less likely to label myself a Democrat or Republican. Each of these parties has subsets, with which I wouldn't want to be identified. For those of us who are Roman Catholics, we are really almost called upon to vote for a conservative candidate merely because of the party's r
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