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  1. What time does the game start 7:00 central or 8:00 central,Ive seen both starting times.
  2. What year is this kid in school a soph or junior ??
  3. Is the first TIP OFF Club meeting tonite???
  4. While watching the Marquette Game last Sat on TV the announcers stated that Brad had just returned from a recruting trip to Minnesota.Any body out there have any ideas who he was watching or visiting.A strong 6'8" rebounding machine ---- I hope!!!!!!
  5. Anyone out there know the latest on Kevin's injury and when he can be expected to take to the hardwood again??
  6. In watching the Illinois-Michigan State Game tonite,I wonder haw many Billiken fans out there believe Dewayne Polk is the equilivant of Dee Brown as a Frosh.I really can't remember how strong Brown was???
  7. I thought there was an interesting quote from Brad at halftime of the game last nite in which he stated that he hoped that 2-3 years from now we were winning the Atlantic 10 every year while averaging 85-90 points, but that this team was not able to do that.They had to slow down the game, to have a chance at winning it.Hopefully that is what he plans to do!!!!!!
  8. Is the Siu game on TV,my schedule says that it is but the paper says thats its not.Any one know for sure??
  9. Hate to say this but in all the games I've seen Luke Meyer play, both in person and on TV I've yet to see him make a shot and that includes free throws.Can you justify playing kid that does not score???
  10. Today's Billiken article in the newspaper stated that Tom led CUSA in shooting percenatge last year with 57.4% and I also picked an interesting tidbit in the Billiken press guide. In his senior season of high school he led the entire state of Kentucky in field goal percentage at 64.0%.What in the world has happened?--go figure???
  11. The early line for the game tomorrow is out and the Billikens are -6.Seems awful high to me can't believe it will stay that high for long.
  12. I heard the interview yesterday and yes you are right Slaten had every oportunity to slam Coach or SLU and he did not.It's was almost as if one of the prerequisits of the interview was that Slaten not slam Coach Sodaberg or Kevin's choice of SLU in any way, at times I cringed waiting for SLaten's possible response,but he behaved himself. On another note is Troy Slaten hurt.He has not been listed in the last two box scores of the UMSL games.
  13. Here are some interesting notes concerning certain HS players and possible SLU recruits found in the Post over the past week. "Freshman Torres Roundtree, the younger brother of former Cardinal Ritter and Duke standout Chris Carrawell,led Mccluer North in scoring and rebounding in 3 games at the Borgia Tourney." "Borgia's Alex Moosmann a junior guard at Borgia appears ready to fill the void left by Luke Meyer.He scored 39 against Owensville last week and was named the most valuable in the Blue Division of the recently completed Borgia Tourney". Anybody know much about these kids and are we r
  14. I second that idea,I do not believe that we should even think of copletely changing our defense, but as you say, when you play teams with back courts that are weaker your own you should try to take advantage of it by springing a little unexpected pressure periodically down the court, which hopefully will result in turnovers and easy transition baskets.(if we can make the layups that is)
  15. I agree, but I also believe that you should have a defensive game plan for each team that you are playing. Believe me I am not advocating playing an Arkansas type 40 minutes of hell defense every game,I just feel we should loosen up and use the trap more within the half court setting.Become somewhat more aggressive,depending of course on what type of opponent we are playing.
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