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  1. Why do people think that SLU has rescinded their offer to Anthony D?
  2. It makes my life easier because I don't have to pick Notre Dame or SLU I can just cheer for both teams on the first day. If both teams should win, well we will cross that bridge when it happens.
  3. According to the Notre Dame site SLU will play Iowa State on the 27th and then the winner of the Notre Dame/Northwestern game on the 28th. With those four schools hosting first and second round games. First I just wanted to know who is SLU playing for sure. It would make my life easier if they play Iowa State first...lol. Second is the fix in or what? How can they guarantee these will be the final four teams when they are saying there are going to be first and second round games. Something very fishy is going on here...lol
  4. Brad Beal is a difference maker. He is the type of kid that can come in from day one and change the game.The big question in regards to SLU would be - Would he have that opportunity? If they only need one scholarship his year that means they should be a veteran laden team, and he is the type of player that should be starting from Day 1 as a freshman, assuming he keeps progressing at this rate. Every tournament he has been in this season he has played in the championshp game and at the very least made the all tournament team and that is high school or in the summer. He has been selected to tryout for the U16 National team when he is young enough for the U15 team and he has an excellent shot of making the team. When the rankings come out he should be considered at the very least a top twenty player if not higher. He has the work ethic and personality to not only be a consensus all american but just maybe a national player of the year. Bottom line he is a winner. Personally I think SLU should work their tales off to recruit him. Work every angle and get it done, because it is a recruiting trip you make on your way home from work. It doesn't cost them anything to recruit the kid it is simple and easy make sure he has tickets to every game access to every practice and just throw the doors open to him to build that relationship. It is not like they have to go to Minnesota to see him and plus you have a whole city of people constantly in his ear about SLU not to mention all of the sports loving Catholics. To me to recruit him and to do it aggressively is a no brainer. Now if SLU gets a verbal from a kid that they have a high regard for then they need to accept it and still recruit Beal. Because I am pretty sure they can figure out some sort of scholarship to give somebody or they can just take one away from a current player to make room for Beal, because from what I can tell he is the type of player you want on your squad he is a difference maker. One last thing it doesn't matter what UNC Florida Mizzou and so on have done will do or could do you just preach what Saint Louis University CAN and WILL do to make Brad the best player he can.
  5. This is so unbelievable! The most amazing stat is that Syracuse has never led in any of the overtimes nor have they won a tip, until now...lol
  6. Somebody mentioned SLU not recruiting kids they don't think they can get, but they never really did anything to recruit Beal. Sending a graduate assistant out to watch one of his games is more to get Billiken fans excited at the thought of getting a player SLU could really care less about getting. a GA are they serious, Billy Donovan, Bill Self, Bruce Weber, and SLU sends a GA.
  7. So are you saying it would be better for me to come on here and say I know there is at least one kid that is going to transfer and another kid that is going to be forced out. I am sure Nate will have some information on that later since i told him about the possibility a couple of weeks ago. Or I should come on the board and say that one of the non black players is disgruntled with the way things are going with the offense and he wishes coach would try something different I am sure Nate will have something more on this later. Or any of the other things that I hear about that I pass on to specific people to look into. Just so they don't come on to the website to do some self promotion? From what I understand this is just the tip of the iceberg. But if I were to post that then people would say you are just hating on SLU because you are a Mizzou and Notre Dame fan. I will finish this and clean it up later I must get to school. Go Adam's High School Soar Eagles!
  8. South Bend is my new boring hometown. What do people do for fun here?
  9. Hey watch it there that is my new boring hometown that you are talking about.
  10. I thought I remember reading or hearing that SLU and Notre Dame were supposed to play each other next season. Originlly I heard it was going to be at ND but then I heard it got moved to Chicago. Is there any truth to this or was I just dreaming?
  11. I think he was at the Elite Camp. The kid can score, it will be interesting if that is the case. Almost like Majerus is lining up his next group of kids that he might suggest get their education elsewhere.
  12. I hope so because the South Bend Tribune SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Yeah um if that were the case why did they grant Josh a conditional release and not a full release? Also why would the AD wait until his e-mail inbox and phone lines were flooded with messages about the whole affair before doing anything? Finally, I am also pretty sure that WIU will not use all of their scholarships again this season.
  14. EJ is a good kid and he can play. I like his stroke but like his brother he likes to put it on the floor and attack. He has been to St. Louis University at least twice over the past couple of years and he also played in the Springfield TOC.
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