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  1. JJ needs some meat on his bones and as someone else mentioned, needs to get up more. Lot of layups in that highlight video I thought should've been dunks. I am a fan of that sweet jumper though. Foreman and Henriquez look incredibly impressive on film. I have no doubts thats these two can come in and be reliable starters on a team that will have added a 2017 Ford class. We could be cooking a lot quicker than I originally thought. Props to coach Ford.
  2. 36 out of ESPN's Top 100 damn
  3. I can see Reynolds and Jolly leaving forsure. How do you think Miles feels getting burried on the bench behind a walk-on AND a frehsman after a promising start to the year? Jolly hopefully will more or less come to terms with his inability to play at this level. These are the 2 most likely. Gillman will stay because he's a local kid and the team doesn't have a true proven 5 at the moment. Milik is the most interesting of all to me. Undeniable talent. I could see the coaching change either being an extreme, well-needed refreshment for his attitude towards the situation or his polar opposite decision to leave. What ready-to-break-out junior wants to come back to summer practices only to learn the 3rd different offense in 3 years? And, unlike any other possible transfer on the team, he could end up on a better tournament-ready team. Crawford, Agbeko, and Bishop are all locks to return. I'll take both Bartley and Roby because both can shoot and both have nice upside. Hopefully the new coach can develop these guards and build off these strengths. Time will tell, but the healing process has officially begun.
  4. Hey we covered!!!
  5. Reggie's hands lol
  6. If he leaves, we'll win 8 games next year.
  7. GW bailed out on a shooting foul after Garino lowers his shoulder into Roby lol
  8. Bartley is simply an off guard shooter.. I havent seen many people worse with the ball.
  9. Jolly is THE WORST Billiken I've ever seen
  10. The only person who consistently creates for this offense is Bishop
  11. Bartley is awful
  12. this +14 is on the ropes right now
  13. "jolly has no chance of guarding him. None."
  14. The more bishop I see, the more of a believer I become.