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  1. RIP Rick Majerus

    RIP Coach. Thank you for all you did for SLU athletics. This is a sad day indeed.
  2. Resign RM

    haha i thought the same thing
  3. Fordham GDT

    Fordham looks completely disinterested in this game.
  4. Practice observations 12-8

    Very cool!
  5. OT NCAA Soccer (SLU related)

    I'm from Omaha. I-H-A-V-E-S-E-E-N-T-H-E-M-A-N-C-O-A-C-H.
  6. OT NCAA Soccer (SLU related)

    Bob Warming hasn't coached at Creighton since 2010. He's at Penn State now.
  7. Sam Kahn