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  1. God Bless America!

    I guess one could argue how doesn't it?
  2. Bills by 15 over TAMCC

    While intelligent arguments are thought provoking and beneficial, vague statements clearing coming from a position of cluelessness (possibly idiocy?) is not helpful.
  3. Bills by 15 over TAMCC

    I think SLU should extend an invite to the good reverend for Sunday's game assuming he is in St. Louis helping to resolve any rioting within our city. What an honor that would be.
  4. Congratulations to any of my Billiken brothers who have family or friends who were positively impacted by the intelligent decision made by our President to reform our broken immigration process! I haven't been this excited to be an American since the 2012 elections confirmed the approval of the work our President had started in his first term. We are a nation of immigrants and nobody should be living in the shadows! Lets Go Bills! Patrick
  5. Bills by 15 over TAMCC

    Al Sharpton has brought light to numerous acts of racism and oppression to people of all minorities since the 70s. He is anything but a joke.
  6. Bills by 15 over TAMCC

    Totally agree on the Sharpton view point. The reverend was a calming influence on Ferguson and the city of St. Louis. The epitomy of a man for others, our jesuit mission.
  7. OT: Calipari on O'Reilly

    Bill O'Reilly is as arrogant as they come and attacks any guest who has a differing view. Fair & Balanced is a joke and america knows that. Free healthcare for all!
  8. Very nice, Jim. Yes, my parents named me after the greatest orator of the American Revolution.
  9. One of the more endearing qualities of this great President is that he shares the same interests as you and I. I remember 2+ yrs ago getting invited by Reggie Love to play basketball with Obama, individuals from his staff, and some other invitees like myself. Obama was just one of the guys. I think this is probably what drives him to reform our country to be inclusive of everyone from all backgrounds and financial situations. This is America for all. Who knew that in addition to reforming wall street & healthcare, removing Bin Landen and Gaddafi, ending the war in Iraq, and saving our auto industry, he can still take the time to fill out a bracket. 4 more years! Thank you, Patrick
  10. C7 News and Rumors

    Jimmy- Let me guess, you are a male shovenist who works out 5 times a week?
  11. C7 News and Rumors

    Billiken Board- I applaud the focus and rationale that facts and statistics bring to any argument or prediction to basketball games, I am a big fan of The Wiz. There will always be multiple supporters of various political groups but hopefully we can all now (or soon) agree that President Obama has really turned this country around following the prior regime running us into the ground. The Dow is at an all-time high of 14,400 and unemployment is down to 7.7% all while the millionaire and billionaires are starting to pay their fair share for the greater good of our society. The next 3 1/2 years will be even better. Regards, Patrick
  12. O.T. Stan Musial R.I.P.

    Due to growing up and residing in the DC area, I was not familiar with all of these stories pouring out regarding Stan Musial....What a human being. I am glad that a few years ago we had a president finally recognize Stan the Man for the service he gave to our country. One patriot awarding another patriot. Special moment. Thank You
  13. Crawford signs

    And Evansville fans tend to wear their emotions on their sleeves. Lest we forget, don't let our emotions dictate our actions, we'll end up in losing battles. Lets learn from history and use evidence / rationale in decision making.

    Sorry you feel that way, I do have quite a few posts regarding billiken athletics including one about Evans today. As far as the conferences aligning based on $, I agree with your point especially in this scenario involving the Catholic 7. Joining this conference would be a huge recruiting tool to some of the big local talent that leave for greener pastures.
  15. Evans

    I am ecstatic so many games are broadcasted this year. I also expected his statistics to continue on an upward trend and I have been disapointed thus far. Is it a product of Evans facing more 5s without a true 5 on our team if Remekun is out? Obviously, UMass was a tough matchup for him with their length, I was actually surprised when I turned on the game last night having not seen Umass play before. All I have to say is that if you are 1 for 7 or 1 for 8 you've gotta make a layup / dunk to get going (in reference to the highlight putback dunk he attempted and missed). I think he will get it together. I also felt that Mitchell wasn't running the offense as much as I would have liked to see. There was a 5 minute stretch at the end of the 1st where he took over and then didn't hear from him until late in the 2nd half again. Optimistic about Temple tomorrow. Go Bills!